Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Giveaway: Shanghai Surprize

It's the Second week of September and I have a Special Surprize giveaway for you Sweethearts...

Herewith please find, the Sassy, Slithering, Snake-tastic Shanghai in python!

Take note that Shanghais have a deliberately mismatched design. Big python scales on your right foot, smaller, cuter?! scales on your left. Why so? Maybe because it's hard to decide which one looks nicer, so with this, you get the best of both worlds?

Actually, your guess is as good as mine! If you want to win a Python Shanghai, leave a comment and answer the question:
Why do you think these Python Shanghais are mismatched?

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For extra brownie points, share with us how you would style your Shanghai on Miss-Match* (To create looks on Miss-Match, sign-up and register, it's free!) and email a screencap to

The person with the most interesting answer gets 10 points. If you create a look with the python Shanghais, you automatically get 5 points. So whoever comes up with the most points, wins a pair of python Shanghais!

Deadline for entries is on September 28, 2011. Sssssaaali na!

*Note: Miss-Match styling portion of this contest was coordinated with the LabRats.


Mary Jane Latorre said...

Aside from wanting to stand out and aim for uniqueness, one other reason why Phyton Shanghais are mismatched is because of the difficulty of catching a phyton to come up with such fashionable item.

Daisha Abrera said...

Name: Daisha Abrera

*liked and followed Anthology and MFO on Facebook and Twitter

Why do you think these Python Shanghais are mismatched?
Well, I think this shoes are meant to have fun and experiment. Fashion is all about fantasy and putting different things together and it's up to other people if they would love the look or not. The important is, you express what's in your mind. :)
PS: This is LOVE.

Sent you a look from

Conchita said...

Python Shanghai are mismatched coz it's an eternal quest to find the other matching pairs. but what will happen if you find the other pairs? nobody knows... yet... it's still a mystery.

Czarina Maye said...

Hi MFO! :)

If you're gonna ask me why they're mismatched? Baka some other creature went inside the Antho HQ, probably a bigger python snake, ate the right pair. Akala niya siguro rat. So after kumain nung snake, bumakat yung shanghai dun sa stomach niya. Then na spot ng mga tiga Anthology Shoes and na realize nila na bagay din pala if bigger scales.


But on a serious note, I have no idea. But hey, the mismatched design works! ;)

kitty said...

Why do you think these Python Shanghais are mismatched?
- Python Shanghais are mismatched because they represent my two sides of being a girl: one side dainty & the other one bitchy! :)

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amity ong said...

done 1. and 2.
emailed screencap too :)

I think this lovely python Shanghais are mismatched because in nature, nothing is matchy-matchy. Like with the eyes, mostly are uneven in size even in the slightest difference. So are animal prints, no two are identical. Sssoo to make these Shanghai python Special and true to nature, both big and small Scales are used. ^.^
Beauty in asymmetry!

Admin said...

Sinasadya lang yan para mas maging IN for 2012 ang mismatched shoes! :)

pruneskie said...

I think different Pythons were used to get their skin. Anaconda has bigger scales. lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Christine,

I think the reason why the Python Shanghais are mismatched is to give consumers a choice to be different in style, than the usual python-skin shoes. This deliberate mismatched can give an outfit a different oomph!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Because it is the natural characteristic of the animal skin.
The scale size varies throughout the body of the snake. Tama ba? :)

Patricia Lingad said...

Name: Patricia Shane D. Lingad
Email: cute_enahs@yahoocom

i liked Anthology Shoes on Facebook + MFO on Facebook

followed @AnthologyShoes + myself @cd_mfo on Twitter

emailed a screencap to your email

i think these Python Shanghais are made mismatched because most women find it hard to choose over two designs. i just had that dilemma last week when i wanted both style of the same design. i wanted to stand apart from the crowd, take my outfits from fashionable to edgy! this design is like the lightning in every storm, you never know when it will strike but when it does, you just want to stop and look at it!

ghoent said...

hello! =) i sent you an email with the screencap of an outfit from, plus my theories (haha!) about the mismatched shoes! =)

done all the other required steps too! =)

ghoent rodriguez

ghoent said...

ooops! i'd have to leave the answer as a comment nga pala, so, here goes!

The story begins with the research team of Anthology wanting to make the best Python skin Shanghais out in the market. To do this, they realized that the key to making the best shoes is to have it look relistic. And so, the team then went to the woods to search for and interview pythons.

Upon reaching the woods and finding 2 pythons, they asked for their comments on how to make the best pattern for the shoes, to make it realistic and attractive. The pythons, as expected, wanted nothing to do with the project, and slithered away. But the research team were too passionate about the project and found them again. With a less-of-a-marketing and more-of-a-sincere approach, the pythons agreed to an interview. They said, and I quote:

"We really do not know what makes shoes attractive. We do not wear any. ssssssssss. But if you pursue with the project, we would appreciate a complimentary pair for my wife and I's house, for us to display."

The research team without any second thoughts, agreed. And when they asked the couple if they had any requests for the pair, the husband answered:

"I hope that the left shoe will look a lot like my scale pattern, and the right shoe be a lot like my wife's. We will truly treasure a pair of shoes that would represent us, being different in so many ways but absolutely meant for each other."

The research team's eaureka moment left them in awe. They knew what their inspiration would be. It's the contrast between fierce pythons and meek, unconditional love.

Hence, the birth of the mismatched PYTHON SHANGHAI.

di naman masyadong pinagisipan no? haha! =P

ceemee said...

name: Cymbelly Marzan

emailed you a screencap!

The shoes are mismatched so that the person wearing it will have fun! It is fun to imagine the shoes as two snakes chasing each other while walking. It is fun to deliberately fool people into thinking that the wearer totally forgot that she went out with mismatched shoes. :-)

catherine go said...

Name: Catherine Go
Liked MFO & Anthology both on twitter and fb :)

Why do you think these Python Shanghais are mismatched?

The python shanghai's are mismatched to be undoubtedly distinguished and unmatched. Because the python's known for its color and texture variations, it's perfect for anthology to produce such pair to emphasize the uniqueness of the sophisticated and exquisite snake.
Emphasizing through the production of this shoe is truly unique and totally a must have! =D

Straypusiket said...

plain and simple.

...because no two pythons are alike. =)

twitter: @straypusiket

arra said...

Name: Arra Morta

*liked and followed Anthology and MFO on Facebook as Arra Morta and Twitter as NakedArra

Why do you think these Python Shanghais are mismatched?

Well, I think this shoes are mismatched so that they are different from the existing designs of shoes in the market hence offering choices to the trend seeking crowd.And they want to emulate the look of real phyton skin which is ,mismatched color and texture..

esquire said...

i seriously think tita k couldn't decide which to use and decided on both! after all, she's "creative" and not "costing" (heehee feeling close. I just follow her funny blog)

eds said...

because it represents what a person truly is- a balance of two personalities. everyone of us has two different sides, it could be a good side and a evil side, maybe a mellow and a wild side, girly and matter what they are, no matter how contradicting they may be to one another, we cannot deny that we all have these two sides of us, and yet, what we dont often realize is that the balance of these two sides is actually what makes a person complete. therefore, the mismatch patterns of these shoes not only represent what we are, but also announces how we accept and appreciate the person that we truly are, different yet complete. =)


thepinkmateproject said...

this pair is fab! It looks so comfortable!


erika lim said...

I think it's mismatched because it will make you stand out more and it also makes the pair more versatile since it has two different designs, it will go with a wider range of styles and will give you more style mileage than a regular pair of shoes.

and I just love the color! :D

Following you and anthology shoes in twitter and facebook!

will try to email a photo of how i'll style it :D

fashioneggpplant said...

sarah tirona

they're mismatched because...
perfect is boring!

notyourordinaryteacher said...

I am joining your giveaway! :)

1) Liked Anthology Shoes on Facebook + MFO on Facebook
My username is Vintagekawaii Onlineshop

2) Followed @AnthologyShoes + myself @cd_mfo on Twitter
My username is @quiam

When a snake sheds its skin, the new one has the same patterns and colors as the old skin that is ready for shedding. However, when the old skin is shed, it doesn’t look exactly the same as its replacement. I think the Python Shanghais are mismatched because the one on the left is the old skin while the right one is the new skin. :)

I sent the look I created using my email

-Camille Quiambao

Maria said...

Done with the first 2 steps.
Have already sent screen-capped look I made with the shoes earlier.

As a mother instinct, a mother never leaves her baby especially if the baby is still young. This phenomenon doesn't only happens and applies in human beings, as we all know, but also in almost all living in this amazing world (with the exemption on some other specie). This is how it goes. Python Shanghais are mismatched because the materials used came from the skins of a mother and baby python. Thus, they can't be separated wherever they go ~~ a mother and her baby and their story continues......

PS. I didn't notice that the shoes are mismatched until I have read the question above. :)

One thing more, maybe the designer has made these shoes on the thought that his/her mother as an inspiration (even in his/her other designs) that nurtured his/her from a once innocent baby and turned into a responsible grown-up like him/her. :)

Maria Cristina Meriales

Nicolette said...

Done with all the required steps!:) I also sent a screen cap from miss-match!

These lovely Python Shanghai pair actually came from one python. The big scales on the right are from the ventral or belly part of the python. The small scales on the left are from the dorsal or top side of the python.

So, this pair is perfect for each other because they show the different sides of one python, making it appear mismatched and unique and fun! Perfect for fashion enthusiasts who want something really unique and at the same time very pretty too! :)

Thank you ssso much!haha!:)

NAME: Nicolette Anne Yambao
TWITTER: @chervaderrr
EMAIL: aioi_888[at]yahoo[dot]com

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