Monday, September 26, 2011

Current/Elliott x Marni

This collaboration is old news, in fact, Marni in Hilton Shopping Gallery had a couple of Current/Elliott x Marni pieces on sale last month. But hey, there's this saying:

I have four pairs of Current/Elliotts on rotation and since I don't have the budget for a pair of novelty denims, I will make do with what I have and figure out a way to capture this look. 

I have an elastic J.Crew belt that looks exactly like the ones in the photo. Check!

I like the socks and high heeled clogs look, but since our weather is tropical, maybe it will work with light colored socks and my Chloe wedges, just to get that chunky look. Now if only I managed to snag those Marni flatforms on sale last season, ugh!

Any graphic tee will do, it doesn't have to be Marni. 

But oh, how nice if I could invest in a quirky Marni neckpiece. Just to pay homage to a look I've decided to steal.

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janie said...

I love the saying, Tin! Applicable to life's choices too!

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