Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Art of Wardrobe Building Part II: Top Ten Essentials

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I am assuming these are Emmanuelle Alt's Ten Wardrobe Essentials, and while her essentials may be a lot different from each one of ours, I think the lesson here is for us to sit down and really think about the top ten pieces in our wardrobe that we can't live without. 

Why? Well, because it helps streamline our wardrobe. It allows us come to terms with which items we really get the most use from, and which ones are worth investing in again.

My Top Ten changes depending on where I am and the weather of course. Now that we live in tropical Singapore, my basics have definitely changed. I am sharing with you a rundown, in no particular order:

1 - Current/Elliott boyfriend denims. So soft, I love the faded wash, plus it's really comfortable.

2 - J Brand black skinny jeans. When I want to feel a bit dressed up than usual, I pair it with a soft, silk top and pretty flats. Or heels on the rare occasion that I do wear them.

3 - cream silk top from Madewell. When I'm stumped about what to wear and I don't know if the dress code is casual or whatever, it's a no fail piece when worn with black skinny jeans or trouser-style denims.

4 - silver Lanvin ballet flats. Can be dressed up or dressed down, and is truly versatile. I've worn them so much I ran the soles down, I had to have them resoled at The Leather Spa. Now 

5 - Simple 85 Louboutins in black. I like how it can be worn with jeans, and is also perfect for cocktail dresses. After watching a bunch of royals wear nude pumps with various colored dresses during Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, I think a nude version is great to have as well.

6 - striped button down shirt from +J Uniqlo. Looks crisp, fits well, makes my...

7 - favorite J.Crew cargos look a wee bit more dressy.

8 - men's striped Breton shirt from APC. It has the loose, boxy fit of Saint James, but in a more lightweight cotton

9 - Gotta agree with Emmanuelle, a Rolex, an oyster perpetual datejust in my case, has to be part of this. Hey, it's a classic watch.

10 - K. Jacques Picon Pul sandals in natural. Goes with everything, from dresses to shorts to denims. I don't even have to worry if it goes with my outfit, because oh hey, it always does!

Of course, I have other favorites that are in constant rotation. But when forced to limit to just ten pieces, these are the items that made my cut, simply because they are perfect for my lifestyle. I can pretty much live with just these I think. Like a  capsule wardrobe.

How about you, what are your top ten essentials? Write it down, keep it as a personal guide or better yet, feel free to share it in the comments section, or in your own blogs! =)


Cat said...

Great top ten! :) I'm going to have to write one up soon! Hehe.

Ballet flats and skinny jeans would have to be one of them, I agree. :p

cd_mfo said...

Thanks! Can't wait to read yours! Share the link! =)

ms.chelle said...

Here's my list! :)

cd_mfo said...

I love the Polyvore visual Rich! You inspired me hehehe!

Anonymous said...

great list!! love the striped tops..been seein this everywhere in malls,unfortunately haven't found even a single piece that fits me :( list includes a pair of red shoes & i'm thinkin of adding some from ur list too :p

manilamommy said...

love emmanuelle alt! she and kate lanphear are my style icons :) i've been meaning to do my own "mommy uniform" post and your article just might push me to do one na talaga. your posts on personal style are great reads! thanks for sharing tin :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Lakhpa! Ooh great idea! I've always wanted a pair of red ballet flats =)

Thanks too Neva! Can't wait to read your post on your mommy uniform!

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