Thursday, October 06, 2011

Berry & Friends

The reason this blog was so quiet over the weekend was because we headed out to Kuala Lumpur to attend the wedding of Dada's classmate from HLS. Will tell you more about that soon, in the meantime, thought I'd share with you Berry's souvenir shots! She had so much fun there! She found lots of new "friends"  hahaha!

Berry and her boyfriend Noddy. How sweet!

Berry and her best friend Hello Kitty. Holding hands pa!

Berry and her bunnies

Berry and her pet Doraemon. They have the same expression!

Berry would stop at each and every character she discovered and would ask Dada to take a picture of her. So cute! Other kids would see her, and they'd end up asking their parents for photos too! Trendsetter!

Berry and her pink balloon. She was so happy when the Annick Goutal mimes handed this to her!
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