Monday, October 24, 2011

Bridetastic is Fantastic

When I was preparing for my own wedding, I honestly didn't know where to start. I knew that the church and the reception venue were the two most important things to start with. Because those are the two main anchors of celebrating a wedding. But when it came to the rest, like the photographer/videographer, make-up artist, designer, florist, wedding organizer, how does one sift through all the possible choices?

In my case, I went the word of mouth route and asked family and friends to recommend suppliers that they have worked with and liked in terms of output and rapport. I figured, if a lot of them are saying nice things about their supplier, then they must be providing great service. And you know what, this tactic worked. Except for our photographer Nelwin Uy, who we chose solely based on the fact that we liked his photos and he was charging reasonably, we went with tried & trusted suppliers. The result was a seamless, no kidding, a seamless wedding. No horror stories, everything went according to plan. Everybody had a great time. It was amazing. And I am not saying that because it was my own wedding, but because, it really happened without a hitch.

So this is why I am excited to share with you my friends Cathy & Jon Lim's wedding website,!

Cathy & Jon have been our friends for a long time, in fact Dada has known Jon since they were little kids. Like us, they were based in the US when they were preparing for a wedding in the Philippines. Let me tell you, their wedding was gorgeous and so tastefully done. I really admired Cathy & Jon for pulling it off, because I knew it could be a challenge planning a wedding by remote control while abroad.

Cathy shares, "Before going home in mid 2007 to meet up with potential vendors for my September 2008 wedding, I joined the most popular online bridal community in the hopes that I could learn the ropes from current and past brides. To this day, I consider this to be one of the most invaluable resources in my wedding preparation process. The camaraderie that I felt with my fellow brides made an otherwise tedious process fun and exciting. As with all things however, I felt that the site could be improved to make it a much more efficient tool for brides."

And the improvement she thought of was a review process for vendors, in the spirit of Yelp, a website where users submit their recommendations and reviews, in order to "help people find great local businesses".

So more than just a wedding website where brides can converge and get tips and ideas from fellow brides, Bridetastic has the powerful tool of sharing and learning from various user reviews and recommendations on wedding suppliers, which by experience, I know is the best way to gauge a supplier's reliability. Wedding vendors stand to gain from this too, since they can build a reputation online even without having their own website.

I don't know if it's a girl thing, but 3 years since our wedding, I still get a high about weddings, and looking at wedding gowns, photos and videos. So upon the invitation of Cathy & Jon, I joined their site and posted reviews as well, because I had a pleasant wedding planning experience and I thought a lot of brides could get some use out of those. I think you should sign up and join too, so that you may teach or learn from others too! Look for me there, I'm cd_mfo!

Past, present and future brides and wedding suppliers! To join the Bridetastic community, visit


amity ong said...

this is going to be helpful! thanks :)

kitty said...

joined Bridetastic too! :)

cd_mfo said...

See you there Amity & Cham! =)

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