Thursday, October 20, 2011

Filipina Sense of Fashion

A few days ago, an anonymous reader left a comment saying that my style was plain jane, and that I get over hyped for my fashion sense. That my blog title didn't suit me at all. Which made me think. How does one get taken seriously as a fashion blogger in the Philippines. Do I have to dress like this?

I have never met these girls, and they do look sweet and adorable in the Asian fashion kind of way. However, these looks work if you are in your teens or twenties. All that color, layering, cheap (read: synthetic) fabrics, lots of make-up, tons of piled on accessories, sky high heels. When you are young, the sky's the limit.

But I do think most Filipinas need to learn more about real fashion and personal style. It's just become too formulaic. They all think, the crazier the look is, the more it is "fasyon" - a term I hate, along with the skin-crawling "fashionista" which is so 1995 if you ask me. They wear everything all together, and if "carry" then voila, fashionista.

Oh! And don't Filipinas just love Longchamp? I don't get it. Maybe because it's the closest thing to a an acceptable "designer" bag if you don't have the budget for one. Little did I know when I first wrote about Longchamps in 2007, that it would become so ubiquitous in Manila! My friends and I especially don't get how some women are so conscious about designer bags, when they do have one. The way they hold it by the crook of their arm, and treat it so precious as if it were their own child. It has to be effortless you know, it has to be you carying the bag and not the bag carrying you. I can't remember who said it, but she said something like "True luxury is beating up an expensive handbag". Which is true in a sense, because you can afford to replace it anyway. And don't get me started with women who wear crazy ass heels but look like they are wobbling when walking. If you're gonna do it, do it like Daphne Guinness!

I can go on and on, but I'd rather we look at "fashion icons" outside the Philippines and tell me if there's something they all know, that "fashionable" Filipinas don't.

US: Here's The Row's Ashley Olsen, who has made a name for herself in industry making luxe basics that women want to wear, never mind the insane price tag. Then there's socialite Olivia Palermo, who does artful layering, but with a restraint that is so impeccably chic.

France: French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt wears the most basic pieces but everything is perfectly slouchy, perfectly tailored, and perfectly fitting. Even the way she semi-untucks a shirt is an art in itself. Then there's the scruffy chic Lou Doillon who can wear anything, but loves well-worn jeans and her mother Jane Birkin's beat-up Chuck Taylors (I think I read that in Vogue)
UK: Alexa Chung. She styles herself well, is a muse to many, and has probably made a small fortune designing for collaborations with Mulberry & Madewell. Kate Moss, who said, "clothes go in and out of fashion, but that's not style. Style has to be classic." knows what she's talking about. She has an appreciation for fit, fabric and tailoring, and when put together, that's effortless style.

Take a close look at these set of icons and then go to our local versions. There is a whale of a difference in terms of style and aesthetics but that is what resonates and gains a following in our country.  It could be cultural, I don't know. I haven't really dissected it.

Can you help me make sense of this?


Unknown said...

Fashion, just like art, depends on the person who is viewing it. For me, MFO is CHRISTINE DYCHIAO period. :)

Kara Rita said...

i feel you, darling.
I feel that sometimes, style here is a bit generic.

It's definitely not about the clothes, it's about your style.

Kathy Carandang-Chua said...

Ey Tin, tell anonymous to suck it hahaha! Funny "observation" about the longchamp phenomenon :)

evertsdesserts said...

Ahh been reading your blog for more than a year but I rarely comment. :p

Someone once told me that we, Filipinos, are a bunch of followers. That's just sad. We just have to wear/buy/use whatever is trendy. We'd wear clothes even when it does not look good with the Asian physique, or does not match with our humid weather.

I like how you quote Kate Moss on how style has to be classic. Guess that's something we should be thinking when we add something in our wardrobe.

Mom-Friday said...

Bravo for this post!
Style is really personal and you don't need to wear all the trends to be called "fashionable" and "stylish".

You have your own style and many people appreciate that, myself included.

You don't have to dress like the two ladies up there, it's their style, they're pretty in their own way and it fits their age (20s). I guess the anonymous reader expects "fashion bloggers" to all look like you just stepped out of a styling project and always dressed-up to the nines! :)

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts:

1.) The fact that the commenter left their comments anonymously is telling. If they can't stand behind their comment enough to leave a real email address/blog link/Twitter handle then their thoughts are probably not worth paying attention to.

2.) I'm guessing this commenter only follows the local "fashion" (note the quotation marks) scene, hence the misguided sense of what dressing, tailoring and editing your wardrobe is all about.

3.) I like my Longchamps, though. They are my pang-harabas bags, I use them if it's raining out, if I'm going somewhere like a tiangge or if I'm at the beach. Sorry, but water stains are my greatest fear. Haha.

4.) I actually blame Forever 21 for this whole phenomenon of fashion bloggers and their followers in their print dresses and vests and shorts. With the arrival of such affordable, trendy clothes (that have a foreign brand name attached to them) I think girls went a little wild. They no longer have to be careful and choiceful about what they buy, since everything is so cheap. There's no need to edit your wardrobe into a few, classic timeless pieces because it's so easy to get tons and tons of the opposite.

Sorry for the long comment. :)

Anonymous said...

great entry! I totally agree with you.

Kaycee Enerva said...

I love your post!!!! :) :) You were spot on!!!
And I dont think that's how Filipinos dress up..

To be honest, I dont think if Pinoys still have their own fashion sense.. Most pinoys copy from japanese or korean fashion..

sad really :(

Oh and I love your sense of style
I love your blog
and I love your daughter's sense of style :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of your points. However, everyone has their own opinion of what "real fashion" is. Your sample of "fashion icons" is reflective of your own personal style but if you ask someone else, they'd probably show you a different set of "icons".

Anyway, I don't think there'd ever be a "formula" for fashion. If there was one we won't have all these choices and have such creative local and international designers. And it's called "personal style" because that's just it, it's personal. If a person, no matter what age, prefers to layer themselves in all kinds of prints and accessories, it's their choice - that's what they consider to be beautiful. And maybe, just probably, not all of them are "cheap fabrics".

And you're right, it could be cultural. Maybe take a look at other Asian nations instead for comparison rather than UK, US and Europe?

The Sunset Goddess said...

Well said, MFO. I say, live and let live---and that applies to all for things in life, including (and especially!) fashion and one's sense of style. Cheers! :)

Jae (Pinay Homeschooler) said...

Tin, I'm not into fashion myself because I can't afford lux stuff, but you see... when I discovered your blog I tried to follow of your advice (especially on the basics) and buy stuff the "plain jane" style :) And then vuela!! It's so easy to use them all. I mean... I can easily play around with them and I can pair them with just about anything... especially the button down shirts :) Tama ka nga, during my pre-baby days, kung ano ano ang binibili kong kaartehan hehe at ngayon nasaan na sila? Wala! Naiwan sa Pilipinas (Probinsya) kasi hindi ko na sila magamit dahil outdated na at hindi na nga bagay. Now as I look back, I should have really stocked on what is basic and timeless. I regret kasi dami kong na waste na money for those. At sana nag exist na blog mo noon hehe. So don't worry. I'm thankful for your blog because you have changed my sense of style and I like it much! Less is more. Sabi nga ng nanay ko, pa bagay-bagay lang yan:) Funny naman ang Longchamp... Most of the time I use it as a diaper bag! Hahaha. - Miss Jae from Dublin

Hzl said...

You do have a point there. If it was me, I would get mad because of that comment. I also think it's not about how crazy the layering, the colors, the patterns are. Maybe we just can't keep up with the fashion in other countries, because of the whole tropical thing here in our country. There a lot of other teens in other countries who dress like the filipinas above (lookbook girls). Anyway it's about dressing up for yourself; what makes you comfortable and happy anyway. And yeah, there's that old saying that you can't please everybody.

ghoent said...

apir! =)

AM said...

To each her own, I suppose. But honestly, if you looked anything like the photos that appeared on the top of this particular blogpost, I wouldn't have been reading your blog for years now.

Also, to those saying you're a plain Jane, the chances of them not having taste is likely! Then again, those I deem stylish are those who look classic and not those who look like they exerted every effort to copy the latest magazine photo of their favorite Hollywood star -- bagay man or hindi (malamang hindi).

JoanneRK said...

I think fashion, style, and all the synonyms that go with it has something to do with the way one carries herself. It is the ability to stand out in a crowd even with just a simple basic tee and a pair of denims. It's not because of how expensive the brand is or because someone popular was seen wearing it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect this show of immaturity and overgeneralization from you. If any of your minions agree with you on this, I will stop visiting this blog.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you on this.. which is why i dont follow those two local blogs you showed. i also dont understand all this hype on over-accessorizing and over-the-top make up. and dont get me started on that long champ craze (and the annoying hand sanitizer that hangs on it).

i'm 24 and so many people i know dress that way. big hair, dyed hair, full makeup, sky high hooker heels, print on print, tacky high-waist too-short-shorts. i'm not hating. i really just don't understand the style. i appreciate color every now and then but find myself sticking to blacks and neutrals.

i think most filipinas/bloggers/fasyonistas today think that they can mix print on print, with accessory over accessory and get away with it just coz a pretty (or pretty.. plain) face will pull it off. so many things are cheap and available now, and everyone thinks they can call it "style" just coz its unique/cute/"carry". and coz they're young and free to experiment. but as you said style has to be classic.

i can wear those clothes--ashley's, olivia's, emmanuelle's--from now til my granddaughter's first bday and i will still love em. i doubt today's fasyonistas can do the same.

p.s. i was so worried one time coz i had so many scratches on a very expensive watch my dad gave me. he laughed and told me that it was a watch, not a baby or a pet. and that the scratches gave it character.

Carla said...

Yikes natamaan ko... I love Longchamp... Lol =)

I admire the styles of Camille Co and the likes, but I also love your way of being able to dress up using very classic and minimal pieces. I think style is a very subjective and personal thing and no one should impose his or her preference on you. I'm in my thirties and personally, I'm starting to think that it's time to retire the floral-frothy-fast fashion-loud-printed pieces I have (well at least some of them)! Ever since I've gotten to know about the Parisian style of dressing (your blog was the first to open my eyes to it, even way before Ines' book), my closet has undergone some minor editions here and there, and I've become more discriminating with my purchases (well, at least I'd like to think that way). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that don't be affected by one person's opinion because it's just one person, and you have inspired and helped so many people out there with your fashion views. Please, more power to MFO, ok? And I'm not saying this because I'm your minion, hello.

Ps. You mentioned about "carrying the bag," and not the other way around. Just curious, what bags do you like that are not "designer"? =)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree wth everything you said. Bet Anonymous doesn't even know half of the women you mentioned below.

I love your taste and no one has the right to tell anyone whhay is right and wrong when it comes to it. If the commenter doesn't like it then he/she should just stop reading your blog. There's no need to say such mean things. No one's forcing him/her to read it and agree!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! So spot on! This is exactly why I follow you- you are classy, smart and REAL.

Kolleen Feria said...


To be honest, I am an avid fan of Camille Co, but it`s not merely because she can pull off print on print; it`s because she openly admits that mixing prints is part of how she expresses her personality through clothing. I think I can say the same about Laureen Uy and her love for neon and black, Kryz Uy and her sometimes-girly-sometimes-edgy look, as well as Kookie Buhain and her collection of diverse shoes (to name a few). The way these Filipino fashion bloggers/icons dress is already an extension of their personality, and that`s what makes them stylish. Maybe anonymous, like many people, just haven`t understood completely the relationship between self and style.

I turned eighteen just last March, and while I like trying out trends, most of the time I actually find myself inclined towards "the basics" or some kind of reinvention of it (a different cut or a bolder color, perhaps), and while I draw inspiration from different bloggers, I definitely don`t want to look like a carbon copy!

Despite our disparity in age, I admire you for how you understand yourself, and how this understanding translates into your personal style. Moreover, most of your posts actually help others discover and develop their own sense of style. Because of this, you deserve the recognition you get.

Don`t let haters get you down. :)

Unknown said...

So much truth in this post, Ms. Christine!! Even though I, myself, am one of the many who loves using my Longchamp bags. :) Wala kasi siyang keme na bag, perfect for someone young like me who carries so much stuff and burara sa gamit :) But that's another story :) But it's true, it's ubiquitous but I still love it! haha!

Kung sinuman si Anonymous she really doesn't know what she's saying! :)

Love your style, Ms Christine!!! More power to your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

This post. This entire post. I study in a school, where (imho) almost every girl tries to look like a style blogger, and they're also girly and preppy and blegh.

I mean they're not horrible looking, but it's so boring and "perfect." Sometimes, I get called out for looking too old because I like "plain", comfy clothing. One time, I scored a cool Theater Products x Uniqlo shirt in Korea for 40,00 won (around 400 pesos). And when I wore it to school, a girl said I looked like a "basurero." :{

I think Filipinos need to see that style does not equate to fashion and that being stylish doesn't mean your clothes come from F21 or Topshop or Zara (though I love Zara). Your clothes can come from ANYWHERE (I also love ukay-ukay hehe), but it's all a matter of putting them together in a tasteful manner, being comfy in them, and enjoying yourself.

Also, Filipinos need to realize that Le Pliage totes make horrible everyday bags. They're not that study.

Glenn Encinares said...

Hi MFO I agree with you. Some of Filipina's style today were more of Korean and Japanese Inspired style (sometimes if I visit a fashion blog and they show some style like that I found it weird)

Regarding with the Longchamp, I have one but I use it not because to impress any one but because It is a big bag that I can carry lot of things and I can fold it later if I don't use it.

Issa said...

Very well said! Plain Jane or whatever they call it, I still love your style! :)

Anonymous said...

Your post and the comments stimulated me enough that here I am, leaving a comment as well.

I don't dress like you do, but what I like about your blog is that it's real. I don't know you and my impression is that you are a genuine and sensible person. To me, your style is classic and practical yet chic and refreshing - refreshing since I can't breathe amongst the young girls and boys who dress quite similarly to one another. I'm in graduate school and I like observing younger people at the university, but rarely do I see anybody who truly stands out. And I can usually tell where they shop locally - Topshop, Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Forever21, Accessorize, Aldo. Nothing wrong with these brands. I own a few items from these brands, too. But many young people put them all together in one ensemble in such a way that you get a catalogue, not a personal style.

Oh and is that the brand of that ubiquitous bag? Hahaha! I'm laughing at myself since I never bothered to know. So yes, you can tell that I don't own one, simply because I don't like owning something that I see many women, young and old, toting around.

I hope your blog stays long. :) Cheers.

- Rochelle

Anonymous said...

"Oh! And don't Filipinas just love Longchamp? I don't get it. Maybe because it's the closest thing to a an acceptable "designer" bag if you don't have the budget for one."
Ang yabang naman ng comment mo, just because you can afford expensive bags...Sounds to me that you really got offended and hurt by what this Anynomous said for you to post something like this-akala ko pa naman super down to earth disappointing!

CAT said...

This is the first time I am going to comment MFO. I have been an avid reader for quite some time. I.LIKE.YOUR.STYLE. period. and FYI: i bought my first bottle of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover a month ago, I even blogged about it.

Farrah said...

I love this post. This is my first time to comment. I completely agree with what you said--with the Longchamp (my tita gave me one a few years back and I was just telling my mom, why is Longchamp suddenly huge now?), with the way people think wearing this or that is the only way we can be fasyon, etc.

I am in my 20's and I like dressing classically. I would love to look back on my photos and not regret it. <3 besides, style is something that you should embody, something that comes naturally to you. I think these people are just jealous that you are called stylish even if you do dress "plainly". There is an art to dressing "plainly", and like what they say "less is more". :)

Ivatan said...

I have been reading your blog for more than a year and have never left a comment but this time, its no excuse..I LOVE your sense of fashion and reading your blog makes my day complete:) bravo MFO!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, I like your style and it's because of you that I am determined to go for quality rather than quantity when it comes to clothes and bags. But I kinda agree that your blog title is misleading because you actually observe what's going on abroad. So far I've seen very little connection between you and the Manila fashion scene except maybe when you're plugging local products. I don't think you should have taken offense with that part of the comment by Anonymous.

But I also think that it was a little arrogant and hypocritical for you to diss FIlipinas who let their Longchamps carry them, as you would say. You seem to come from a well-to-do family and maybe you don't need to have a full-time job like the rest of us. Good for you. Don't my daily visits help you afford the designer bags that somehow made you feel entitled to look down on everyone else who can only afford cheap fabrics and nylon totes? I must say I feel somewhat betrayed.

Anonymous said...

You hit the mark there Ms. Tin! Just continue doing what you do best. Cheers!

~ S from DC

Rhea said...

Hi MFO, I wouldn't be bothered by those types of comments. This is YOUR blog, like you said in a magazine interview, your blog and style appeals to (Filipina) women who have lived abroad and obviously are aware of different styles. Your anonymous reader's comment is simply a reflection of his/her own inexperience and narrow-mindedness, naligaw lang ata dito sa blog mo, he/she should be browsing elsewhere.

Unknown said...

I've always followed your blog for the focus you usually put on personal style vs. "stylish-ness" (I know, I made that word up)

Ignore the trolls, hon!

Sharry said...

The truth is, there is no pleasing everyone. This is a lurker's first comment to say that your writing pleases me.

I am in the process of "coming into" fashion, a late-bloomer in the appreciation and practice of actually thinking about what I wear and actually, well, wearing them. And of all the blogs I've read, your voice is one I find authentic and true. It reminds of why fashion is universally appealing: it allows one to be fuller unto oneself -- it's about finding you and expressing it. So it's no surprise that I especially appreciated that entry a few posts back about personal style. It reminded me to listen to me. In the end, fashion and style is personal, true, timeless.

Perhaps the trendy icons Filipinos revere are reflective of the developmental, exploratory stage we as a people are in fashion-wise. A majority are late-bloomers, compared to Parisians who've been doing it so much longer than we have. We are teenagers in the fashion sense, still figuring out who we are. And perhaps this stage, though not the most ideal, is something we have to go through.

And it's people further along the process, such as yourself, who will help further the growth and development along.

Write on and observe on. Am looking forward a lot to more of your thoughts on personal style.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame a pinatulan mo yung comment sa yo' if you are confident about your style you wouldn't let a negative comment get to you and then turn around and diss your fellow filipinas!!!! Wow! I expected more from somebody like you!!! Shame! Shame! Shame!!!

LegallyChef said...

Dear Anonymous (11:23:00 AM), Just so you know, with or without your daily visits, I can certainly assure you that MFO can afford those bags.

Marissa said...

Hi Tin,
It's sad that people have come to criticize what they don't consider stylish in such a way. I think fashion means different things to different people and style is something that should be personal.
Unfortunately you've reached a certain celebrity and you can't please everyone. Everything you write will be misinterpreted and rehashed to their liking.
Please just stay the same and stick to what you consider stylish. I wouldn't be an avid follower of your blog if you tottered around in sky high heels and piled on accessories. Your style relates to me because of the person I am and the lifestyle I lead. I unfortunately can't say the same of other bloggers because they are in a different point in their lives.
Being different means we are stylish in different ways. So keep writing your blog posts the way you usually would.

Anonymous said...

Team CD all the way.

kitty said...

I have an almost non-existent fashion sense. Yet it doesn't bother me at all. Fashion, I believe, is self-expression. And no one has the right to set rules on you.

Continue to be an inspiration for everyone :) We love your blog.

Conchita said...

oh girl... i feel you. seems girls here think the usual mall outfit is what they see on fashion mags and tv... which is over the top. well, that is THEIR personal style and you shouldn't have to compromise your own to please others.

being in my 30s, i now have a different perspective on dressing up. which is, age appropriate. and being a mom... comfort comes first.

and if they don't feel your blog they shouldn't read it. as simple as that. no one is forcing it down their throat. let others who enjoy it, enjoy it in peace!

Anonymous said...

First off, I personally prefer your style of dressing. I love the simple, timeless and classic look of it. Not at all plain jane.

However, I am somewhat disappointed that your reaction to Anonymous' negative comment was to turn around and diss other Filipinas, both those bloggers and non-bloggers (comments on Longchamp and "bag carrying you"). Seemed like you stooped to her level -- posting negative comments on people that don't conform to your idea of style or fashion.

While I may never dress up like those bloggers, I can still appreciate their sense of style. No matter how different it may be from mine.

Cat said...

I'm in my early 20's and I really like your tomboy, laid-back style. I may not be able to regularly stock my closet with J Brand jeans and Celine bags but I can still look smart with a basic button down and boyfriend jeans. Not everyone wants to dress like a Forever21 mannequin. I also like how you don't screen out negative comments and actually publish them, which is contrary to what that anonymous commenter said about you not taking criticisms well. And about the millions of Le Pliage owners in Manila, it really gets ridiculous after a while. Out of all the Filipino fashion bloggers out there, most of whom wear sky high heels and pack on tons of make up, your personal and writing styles stand out, so just keep on doing watchu doing MFO.

Life as I see it said...

i guess its true that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. but personally i am into basic and classic style for they never go out. These styles will forever be there no matter what century you are in. No hassle for they can go with whatever you have. equals to not too much money wasted. it also depends on the age group and what are your priorities, for us moms, we go for something we can be comfortable in and we can use while running after our little ones but still looks good.

We all have our own styles, that's why we follow different bloggers. We can't judge others because we don't have the same points of view as they have, so we can't really comment negatively on others. (If you don't want CD's style follow others, no judging)

I love your post regarding clothes you bought during your pregnancy. I also did the same thing :D funny, I really have the same mindset as you even before I got to know about your blog :D GO CD!!!!

Love your posts and love cutey patootey BERRY!!!!


Eubelle said...

Well said MFO! Behind you all the way.

Martina said...

Hi Tin,

Don't mind them haters! I personally LOVE the way you dress! Whoever "anonymous" is obviously doesn't understand the saying that sometimes (or most of the time) less is more. Keep up the GREAT blog (and style)! :D

Anonymous said...

Just because someone hated on your style doesn't mean you can hate on others as well.

Anonymous said...

it's just sad you had to use the photos of the two filipina bloggers. :(

trina said...

ate tin, though i don't always agree with your fashion sense, i grew up asking your opinion on certain buys and looked to you for advice on what's worth buying or where to find cool stuff. i guess that's why MFO is a great title, coz it's about observations. it's not meant to be a bible or dictator or a trendsetting blog, just your personal observations. anyway, who cares, you can name your blog whatever you want and you got first dibs on it. lol

i don't see anything offensive about being plain jane. i'm minimalist too and don't see anything wrong with that. of course, sometimes it's fun to dress up and play with prints and fabrics etc etc. at the end of the day, you wear what makes you happy and comfy. and it's up to you if you wanna look like the rest of the world, if you wanna pop out of the crowd, if you wanna stay low profile, or if you want to turn heads. who the f cares?!

but sister, please say sorry about the cheap fabrics and the wannabe designer bag owners. turn off comment talaga! but i still love you! don't ever forget that!

as for anonymous, well... someone was reading your blog and gave his/her time to comment albeit enviously. lucky him/her you devoted a post on his/her worthless opinion. life goes on

Anonymous said...

does it make you feel better to hurt others feelings just because some random commenter hurt yours?

Corrine said...

Totally agree with you with how being a "fasyonista" is defined here in Pinas! We're forgetting the "basics" with all the in-your-face, Korean-looking outfit posts all over the Web. The scene is getting quite intimidating, if you ask me.

Natalie Tee said...

Oh my. I've always loved reading your blog.
But this entry, my my my! Just goes to show that everyone in this industry is somewhat superficial, no matter how down to earth they claim to be.
One negative comment made you lash out like that??? Simply arrogant. Should have just saved this entry as a conversation piece with your friends over coffee.


Anonymous said...

i like your blog and your style.
just like you i favor comfort and minimalism.
wish you well!

rain71 said...

i like your dressing style because it is not outlandish, and not boring either. It takes into consideration the age of the wearer, the weather (you dress taking into consideration the temperature where you are - NY, singapore, manila...), and comfort. Your style is also undated which means 5 years from now, your photos would still look okay :)

btw, i use longchamp planetes because it is convenient and i can stuff my ipad, cellphones, kikay kit, pens, post-its, etc.. etc.. without worrying about it's weight. plus i can wash it anytime it gets dirty.

i do not really care if philippines is flooded with long champ, i know i am comfortable with the bag :)

i just didn't like that you posted the pictures of the two bloggers to get across your point on their fashion style

Maye of said...

For now kasi, bentang benta ang mga fashion blogger kahit hindi fashion related event. For example, may launching ng new coffee, asahan mo nang may fashion blogger. Get my point?

So siyempre, na g-generalize ng ibang readers na ganito or ganyan dapat ang style/fashion.

Like I said, may ibang makikitid ang utak. Dapat galangan na lang if ano ang trip ng bawat isa di ba? :)

Anna said...

Oh ignore them. It's an age thing. I'm closer to yours - it's precisely why I visit your blog. Most popular Filipino fashion bloggers are all mostly young - the styles are trendy, it's more about piling it on, buying funky over quality, etc etc.

But then let me backtrack - there ARE young fashion bloggers out there who don't overdo it. Youth isn't always an excuse for excess (accessories). Just to level it off, these girls are in their early 20s too but dress, well, clean:

And from the Philippines though she doesn't blog anymore:

So maybe it isn't just about youth, but a personal preference for a cleaner, more pared down aesthetic. I think based on all the comments here, despite the catty anonymous ones, a lot of us out here, old and young, still seem to share yours.

Cat said...

To each his or her own, definitely. It's a comment and it's something we should all open up to as bloggers. Not everyone will agree with us, or what we have to say.

I do agree with what you have said about how someone can be taken seriously as a fashion blogger.

I'm 19 and i personally love more of the basics. The cutesy japanese korean fashion doesn't work on everyone and I accept that. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi MFO. I read your blog because it is a dose of inspiration and entertainment for me. However, I was shocked to read how you described Filipinos who love Longchamp. I love Longchamp . . . heck, I have 9 of them. I have other designer bags too and yes I may or may not be able to afford a lot of them but it does not matter. Quality is not dictated by the brand. So that is what you think when you meet someone wearing a Longchamp? - "she probably cannot afford to buy a big time designer bag". I am so disappointed with that particular comment of yours. Beware, the lady that you may bump into toting a Longchamp in her arm, may have a fatter bank account than you have. Yes, you sounded mayabang.

M said...

This post is just so spot on, something I've been meaning to do but can't do for the lack of time and better writing skills.

I follow a lot of local fashion blogs, mainly because I like seeing other people's sense of fashion and it's good for the occasional inspiration. I, for one, blog about personal fashion. However, I do believe that most Filipinas haven't fully grasped yet the difference between fashion and style. They think that an item has to be branded for it to be considered classy or sosyal and one has to overaccessorize or wear the hottest trends to be called fashionable. Sad but true.

Also, most local blogs today equate their blogging skills to how many events they get invited to. Isn't blogging supposed to be personal?

Mel said...

Long time reader here, but I only comment occasionally (and usually in the lines of: where did you get/buy that? lol) I feel compelled to comment on this entry because I agree with parts of it.

I read your blog because you wear clothes I can actually see myself wearing! What I like about you is that I don't feel that you dress nicely just because you want to showcase your outfit in your blog, you dress nicely for yourself. Does that make sense?

I admit that I do admire some of the more popular "fashion" bloggers (including the ladies you posted)...i admire them simply for the effort in dressing up, not because I like what they've put together.

I don't quite agree with the way you expressed on your opinion on Longchamp and luxury. And it's not just because I use Longchamp bags a lot (it's great for travel and for not killing one's shoulders). For me lang, luxury is different for every person. If for you, it's something easily replaceable, for others it may not be. And that's why they treat their bags that way.

Anonymous said...

mte!!! i don't get how overdoing the layering (jewelry, tops, what have you) is fashionable. looks messy. but they're young so they get away with it, they look cute.
when you're 15-25 years old.

if your style is quiet, unembellished, and clean, it doesn't mean you're less/not fashionable.
perhaps understanding comes with age.

kaye i. said...

What's all this fuckery about? You're really getting famous haaaaaaa... with all the haters. Woop!

Di natalaga kita ma-reach. Be careful though, the whole Phils. might deny you entry when you visit home... right? RIGHT? ;)

As one of your minions... I have to say I really do LOVE your style. AND you still like me, even though I wear Forever21 occasionally and use a Coach bag (without all the C's printed all over it, thank you very much). LOL.

Back in the day, when I was a few years younger, I loved trendy stuff, but now that I'm getting, ahem... "matured", I'm going back to classic pieces and more age appropriate clothing. I'm not into looking like a Christmas tree anymore. Thank goodness.

I like this blog post. Got everyone's panties in knot.

Anonymous said...

in the philippines, whatever is TRENDY is FASHIONABLE. Or owning an hermes/balenciaga/ysl makes you stylish. Pinoys think being clad in expensive clothes make you stylish. The sartorialist would disagree. Truth be told, you can buy designer stuff but you cant buy taste.

the one who started it all! said...

Wow ! You made an entire post just so you can defend your fashion sense ! I didn’t make that comment just so you can get all defensive, i was merely voicing out my opinion which happens to be not to your favor. I feel honored, and you should be thankful, coz you ended up writing a fashion post that actually makes sense.

Why is that people can’t take criticisms well ? Even some readers got unnerved when the comment wasn’t even for them ! Boy ! How they s*ck up to you ! You should meet up with them & treat them to a free meal. They seem to be expecting that, otherwise i don’t get why they do that.

I do respect your own style, and everyone else for that matter. But I can’t take it when people claim to be and bask in something they are not, it’s just wrong & deceitful. When a person is not bold & daring on what she wears, that’s not being fashionista, that’s just simply having your own taste & style. Like some people said, everyone has their own taste & standard. Nothing is right or wrong ! You wear what you have and buy what you can afford. But wearing branded items doesn’t automatically make you a fashionista, some people can buy clothes from tiangge made of « cheap fabrics » as you put it and still look so darn chic & fabulous. It’s an innate talent to be able to put clothes together without even trying. Some people can take a long time thinking of the abc’s on fashion to put up an ensemble and yet look like drab no matter how expensive their clothes are. Fashion-savvy or not, it all boils down to the finished product.

And fyi, i’ve been living abroad for more than a decade now. So, scr*w those of you who thinks i don’t know any better coz they thought i’m in pinas & buy clothes from f21 ! Hilarious, really ! Also, I’ve lived in France for a number of years, let me tell you why they are effortlessly chic : it’s not because they choose quality over quantity, maybe some, but the majority can’t afford to shop all the time ! The standard of living is simply too expensive ! They simply wear what they have, they don’t really put an effort so the term « effortless » is so befitting ! Most don’t bother to put make-up (which i rarely did as well back there coz I felt too made-up compared to them) ; except for a haircut and haircoloring, they don’t know much how to have a great hair. But the thing is, the clothes at their disposal are mostly fashionable ; add the layering bit due to the weather, the end result almost always look good even great no matter what they put and even if their hair aren’t nice and their face are bare (they are beautiful anyway).

To each his own ! But don’t shoot me for having a different view, opinion & taste than you guys.

Anonymous said...

it's funny that AVA, which i discovered because you blogged about it, recently sold longchamp bags on their website. i don't own a longchamp bag but whatever your goal for writing this article was, i think you would have made a clearer point had you not been so condescending.

Anonymous said...

Oh hey...and your style icon Kate Moss? YUPPP! She is wearing a Longchamp bag. Here. On your post. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that style has to be suited on one's age. There's nothing wrong with your style. I love how simple you are and that makes you stand out! :) I love the styles of the persons you mentioned above and those are my pegs!something wearable :)

Trina said...

i think what sucked about anonymous who started it is coz she was targeting you and posted negative comments about you while being anonymous about it. it's half-baked. it's like going up to someone and saying you suck and i don't get why people like you, but then doing it with a paperbag over their head. of course everyone has opinions. but how can i give worth to someone who remains anonymous. for all i know, that's fake sentiment. if you want to be counted, account for yourself.

sure everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but to me the only opinions that count are those by people who stand behind what they say.

i saw the longchamp post. awesome timeless bags and cool how you can also personalize and monogram it.

Anonymous said...

Add hand sanitizers hanged on their Longchamps?? Still don't get it. Those hanging sanitizers are for stethoscopes!!!

Classic pieces with a pinch of stylish pieces equals to true fashion.

Tracy said...

Best MFO post ever!!! Hits like a hundred dozen nails on the head.

1. I don't think your style is plain jane at all. Creatures of Comfort was describe by Racked as cool but comfortable and kinda expensive mature hipster. And I think that's your style! I mean that as a compliment; CoC used to be my favorite store. Although sometimes I find your style unrealistic/not workable for me.

2. I knowwww. Cheap fabric, outlandish pairings, and "more is more" only works if you're 19 and stick skinny and tall. BUT I love print on print. NYTimes Style section did a print on print mini editorial, everything in fashion has at least one good version (but theirs were Marni and Etro...)

3. "Maybe because it's the closest thing to a an acceptable "designer" bag if you don't have the budget for one." --oooh, right for the jugular! Although I don't htink you should beat up a bag. What would MFO's mom think? Buy quality and treat it quality. Longchamp is practical and has quality, but I feel it's so wannabe to carry around.

4. I actually don't like Alexa Chung that much. La lang, just sharing.

5. In the instances where I've read local fashion magazines, the personal style sections always had been about Hermes belts and Chanel bags. I think maybe we're too class conscious to appreciate real style. Or we equate style with money. Or on the flipside of the same coin, it's a race to the pinaka bongga. Wear 7" inch heels (impractical to walk on, but wasn't that the point of heels historically? Can't walk in these, I have a carriage and six horses and footmen to transport me around) regardless that they look ill-made and a mini mini skirt just to show for "passion for fashion."

I also feel it has something to do with chauvinistic, anti-feminist social mores. (a woman's job is to be a man's tropy. if she has a job, she should make it look effortless and look glamorous doing it and when asked about her accomplishments, demurely laugh and say "oh, that little thing?" and de-emphasize the times when she really worked hard because it's not seemly for a woman to want "too much" of anything.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens... I will still keep looking forward to your post... especially your "Sharing my outfit" series. I miss those! Fashion savvy or hindi, and cute cute nyo parin ni Berry.

All I can say is... Tin, ibang level ka na. May haters ka na eh :) Parang sina Chuvaness and other high-end bloggers.LOL.

Godspeed Miss Tin. - Miss Jae

the one who started it all! said...

To Trina (10/21/2011 08:58:00 AM): So your opinion counts coz you put your name? Funny! You're as LAME as your comment! If my opinion didn't count, why else do you think CD created a post in response to my comment?!
Some people don't know what they're saying! They contradict their own words!
This has gone long enough. Moving on....

Anonymous said...

I am based in the Uk and I love my Longchamp bags because they are wipe clean material and so roomy that I can put in my baby's diapers and feeding bottles not because it is the closest thing to a designer handbag coz it really is not even

Thestagemommy said...

I love my Longchamp, I blogged about them a year ago

Anonymous said...

To The One Who Started It All,

What is "look like drab?" What is A DRAB?

I think you need to read The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. Para ikaw na ang stylish inside and out.

ps - I've always thought bags are meant to be carried, not WORN. I don't know, baka hindi ako stylish enough to know na sinusuot na pala ang bag ngayon.

Anonymous said...

It would be diff if this post was fr Chuvaness (and im sure she'll get away with it...don't we all adore her?:) ) but from you? Wow plain and simple arrogance! (feeling!)

Anonymous said...

MFO, unfortunately, i have to agree with the people who say that you have become arrogant. maybe you have been all along, but your plain jane looks make you look "nice". btw, you shouldn't take offense by being categorized as such. your post sounded so haughty.

anyway, who cares about fashion? it's really all about individual style. it's all relative. it's a matter of opinion. get over it. besides, you probably just dress the way that you do because those are the only clothes you feel good in, you think you look good in. nothing wrong there. in my opinion, your blog is not really about fashion. it's about clothes that cost a few bucks (read: that not everyone can afford), branded, designed clothes, that you are able to wear/ like to wear.

and hey, don't use the word cheap (referring to cheap fabrics), use affordable. it's unbecoming.

filipinas love longchamp the way they love whatever fad comes their way - why does that irk you? probably comparable to how american teenage girls love juicy bags.. i can go on and on. it's not just filipinas, so don't generalize. they probably treat their longchamps with so much care because unlike you, they cannot afford to spend any more. the people who cannot afford as much aspire to be like the rich. they want to have what the rich have, and with longchamp, they can. don't shun them for behaving as such. it's human nature.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the post above that said "maybe you need to get a full time job". haha! are you kidding me? she would never survive the real world! she would probably end up having to wear cheap fabrics!

Anonymous said...

you make it sound as if fashion is only for the rich. all your fashion icons are moneyed people who can splurge at any given time. that's not what fashion is. your blog title is apt though. MFO, you only observe fashion, you don't exemplify it.

Run Around Girl said...

ooh a controversial post, fun! just had to say i find it so annoying to see some women holding out their expensive bags like some sort of trophy, and i see this a lot in lifestyle sections of the local papers. these women may be rich but you can't buy good taste. so vulgar and i don't care how much your bag costs! as for the young, i agree that they can get away with anything but blonde haircolor + extensions and contact lenses that magically make eyes look bigger are the opposite of effortless style. and not all bloggers have to look like that. some (very few) value comfort and restraint like you, and thank God for that!

Carla said...

mfo, i would like to believe that you are not arrogant as the other commenters here say. i remembered your post some time ago on vieta bags and how you defended it when a reader accused you of patronizing rip-offs. i admired you for saying and recognizing that there are women out there -- students, yuppies, women supporting families -- who would like to have a taste of the high fashion brands, but without paying the designer prices. maybe, it's just the way you worded your thoughts about the longchamp that sounded a bit off with others. P10K give or take for a longchamp bag is still big money for many filipinas. there are some girls who really have to save up for months just to be able to buy a nice, branded bag, and you have to give credit to them for not buying a disposable P1000 bag that will fall apart at the edges after a few months -- or even worse, a knock-off bag at the tiangge. so if they should treat their longchamps with utmost care, it simply means that they recognize the value of what they purchased and what it took for them to buy it.

i do agree with you, though, on the statement that there are some -- no, many -- women out there who buy designer bags just to show off and elicit envy. i've seen too many of those over-acting my-bag-is-so-precious-mas-mahal-pa-ito-sa-iyo kinda stuff, so on that note, pak na pak!

anyhow, the points that some of your readers have raised here are indeed thought-provoking. is fashion really an exclusive right of the rich? are european brands and signature clothing and bags a preriquisite for one to be stylish? can one shop at mass retailers like sm, the tiangge, or even at ukay-ukay, and still be a respectable fashionista (for lack of a better word)? and in your case, have you ever patronized or used clothing or bags that are not necessarily branded?

Anonymous said...

sayang, sana di mo na pinatulan yung nag-comment sayo. it seems as if you look down on people who can't afford to buy lots of branded stuff like you do. i have a couple of longchamp le pliage totes and i love them and i take good care of them because i bought them with money i worked hard for. amen to what carla (10/22/2011 04:40:00 AM) posted. she exactly voiced out my sentiments

Tracy said...

"probably comparable to how american teenage girls love juicy bags"

--I don't think this is a good argument. Teenagers are impressionable and easily cave into peer pressure. Filipino women who work for a living and know the value of a peso should judge and discern better where their hard earn money goes. And if they think it's in a practical Longchamp bag, then good for them. Take care of that bag and it'll last a long time. But don't assume a diva personality just because you own a certain bag. Or don't slavishly care for that bag, because you should enjoy your new purchase.

MFO, you've definitely hit a nerve. Please don't close off comments or delete this post. I like to play apparel/fashion marketing observer and lay sociologist, and this is a goldmine of insight. (Socioeconomic stratification by nylons bags!)

I think it's fine to write something negative, so long as it's honest. Fashion blogs get a lot of flak for being always positive (because then they're just doing it for the Paris/Milan/NY Fashion Week invitations and sponsorship). I think a little negativity grounds this blog in reality, but the occasion for its release but was not ideal.

Lastly, I agree with one commenter that your blog title doesn't match your actual blog. You've been living abroad for a long time now and your blog isn't reflective of Manila fashion. It's really a personal style blog--which I enjoy, but yeah, nice catchy title but objectively misleading

Anonymous said...

Oh! And don't Filipinas just love Longchamp? I don't get it. Maybe because it's the closest thing to a an acceptable "designer" bag if you don't have the budget for one. - CLASSIC....tsk tsk old are you again?

LegallyChef said...

i seriously think that either: "Anonymous" has been coming back and posting a lot of comments despite saying that she wouldn't waste her time reading MFO OR she/he has minions too. LOL! I agree with Trina, "Anonymous", if you feel so strongly about this issue, why not email MFO directly? And no, don't use a fake email address to bolster up your courage.

Amanda said...

posting as anonymous is not a lack of courage. a voice is a voice, no matter where it comes from.

Anonymous said...

People who only buy expensive bags do not have a real sense of style. They make the price tag decide for them what is "fashion" and what is not. Style and fashion is making something affordable look good, maybe even expensive.

Richard Paul said...

Carla, no, fashion is not an exclusive right of the rich. Although in MFO's opinion, it is. Let's see her wear inexpensive clothing and look good. Oh wait, maybe she'll end up looking the same.

I think that real style and fashion is something the whole world can appreciate, enjoy. Not just Filipinas, not just her followers.

Natalia said...

Tracy - don't try to judge what Filipina working women will and will not do. You'd be surprised.

the one who started it all! said...

Why are you guys so hilarious? I thought I'm done with this, but some of you cracks me up I can't help but comment. Did you try to email me legallychef? I think you're the one who feels so strongly about this if you did!
And just because there are a lot of anonymous comments here mean that was all me, lol, as you can see I attach my name now to my comments.
Don't worry, I think I'll give my email to CD so she can vent it out on me directly. Will you ask her again then for my email? Lol!

And to anonymous 10/21/2011 04:56:00 PM: what are you, a grammar police?

Anonymous said...

"My friends and I especially don't get how some women are so conscious about designer bags, when they do have one. The way they hold it by the crook of their arms, and treat is so precious as if it were their own child." So totally agree 100%--hahahaha! I personally think that if you are really in that level to afford one and flaunt it around then you must be able to replace it too so no need to "baby" it too much. Specially the way they pose when taking a picture making sure their bags are also posing for the camera--hilarious:)


I've been reading through these comments the past few days and have some comments/observations which I am sure many will agree with:

First, to anonymous or "the one who started it all" (you really feeling that "Voldemort vibe?), it really seems that you are having an episode of multiple personality. Don't get me wrong, I am not an MFO fan and I just check this blog once in a while for new finds, and so I am not here to defend this blogger. But girl (or boy?), you need to realize that not all readers are dumb. I am seeing 5-6 comments from so called anonymous commenters using the same syntax and choice of words. It's you again and again! I would not be surprised to find out if you have been frantically checking this blog non-stop for the past few days and putting on different hats to ostensibly create the impression that the haters are different people (rather than just you suffering from one of your multiple personality episodes). Please, get a life like most Parisians do!

Second, to "the one who started it all", why are you so upset to be labelled as an F21 girl (or boy?)? F21 may not have a good rap with everyone, but it doesn't mean all of their clothes are bad. Just because you have lived in Paris (read: Ratatouille) or elsewhere doesn't mean you are above everyone else who uses F21. I personally have a few pieces thoughtfully chosen and I am pretty sure that you have a closet full of F21 too. I am not sure whether there is indeed a set standard for fashion - maybe you just need to find what works and not (even if it involves F21). What I am sure though is that being rude and crass in your comments (listen up "the one who started it all") is never fashionable.

Third, to all of you Longchamp users. I must admit that I was "tinamaan" when I read MFO's post. But then I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and I think she's made the context of her post much clearer with her follow-on post for Longchamp. Like many women out there, I love my Longchamp bags (I have 3 and counting). But I don't think any one of us should get insulted when a remark is made against our bags. Insulting my bag is not a direct insult to me because I am not personified by my bag. If you think otherwise, then you have to think long and hard about how you are defining your self-worth and self-image. In the same way, a bad review about a car I use would not get me riled up. If you think your identity can be equated with a P10,000 bag (or any accessory for that matter), I would encourage you to seek professional help.

Finally, with all of comments flying back and forth, I would like "the one who started it all" to take a break from her (or his?) multiple personality episode and really educate us. For our edification, please, please, let us know what your concept of fashion is. Give us a glimpse of who you consider to be your "fashion icons" - please provide links, so we can understand you more. Note: if you don't feel comfortable with your F21 proclivities, you don't need to include this.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anonymous 10/21/2011 04:56:00 PM has to be a grammar police.

Some of you "cracks me up"? Ano ka, itlog???

You are a grammar violating felon and a recidivist. Is this what you learned from Paris???

Anonymous said...

Kring Kring, hello. I'm one of the Anonymouses in this thread but definitely not the one who started it all. Sorry, Sherlock, but obviously there's quite a few readers annoyed with this particular post.

Fellow Anon 10/22 6:25 PM, is the ability to nitpick on one's grammar all you have in your arsenal? Surely you can add something to this interesting exchange of opinions.

Mommy Tricia said...

The only reason why I sometimes hold my dear bag for life be it something i splurged on or a plain canvas tote bag, is due to the fact that I saw someone in MAKATI of all places, try to "pick-pocket" a lady whilst on an escalator. And the guy didn't look shabby, you'll NEVER know he was that type of guy. Thankfully the woman looked behind her and so the guy didn't get to the bad deed. He walked too fast and I did tell the lady, she was so shocked as was I. So lalo na in bazaars, even in Rockwell, I try to keep my valuables pretty tight. One friend got her wallet taken from her open tote. So that's that. Maybe some women are just scared to get their precious things stolen. Must admit that even high end places are no longer safe.

Adz Garcia said...

Hi Christine! I did not read each comment and I'm not really here to meddle and argue with the other readers.

I just wanna say I actually like your style more than any other blogger I follow/read. It's wearable, sensible and simple. Like you, I'm more into quality pieces, comfortable footwear and sturdy bags - because they really last longer. I'm not a mom, nor am I married but your fashion principle works for all ages. That's why I like it! :)

And yes to harabas Longchamp! :D

Have a good day Christine! :)

LM said...

1) what's the context of the original plain-jane-comment from "the one who started it all"? because if it was irrelevant from the blog post then i would say he/she had the intention of hurting MFO. i would understand if MFO's post was about her lording her fashion sense over us regular folks and claiming to have the best style, THEN i would say TOWSIA's comment was entirely appropriate.

if the comment was indeed out of place... then i hope MFO can find a way to block that person's IP address. he/she's not objectively expressing an opinion. he/she/s being mean. it's MFO's blog anyway.

2) on the Longchamp comment - i do get where MFO's coming from because i have a similar opinion. Longchamps are meant to be harabas bags and so for me, the acceptable objective to acquiring one is the need for the best/quality harabas bag. unfortunately most people i know who bought one got it because uso sya - and yes, bec it's a relatively affordable "designer" bag. not saying this is a universal truth, but in my experience.... ganun eh.

3) as for the famous fashion bloggers in the Phils - again, i do see MFO's point. i don't follow a lot of Pinay fashion bloggers but i've seen enough and they do seem to have the same "style" - loud, printed, sometimes overly-accessorized. to an observer that could give the impression that Pinays only patronize that kind of fashion. this doesn't mean that their style is not as legitimate as the Kate Moss/Alexa Chung/Ashely Olsen style tho - just saying that if we take the popularity of these bloggers as the sole criteria for what's stylish then it is quite easy to assume that we must do layering, prints, and piled-on accessories to be stylish.

i guess it also comes down to education and exposure. understanding the difference between style and trend and how they intersect. to me, style is how you interpret trends and fashion to fit your personal taste.

in the case of "style" - let's just agree to disagree? to each his own pa rin.

4) let's not bash F21 please - even if you dislike the brand it has done a lot for Pinays. again, it comes down to the personal style. they have so much stuff to offer that there's something for everyone. if you're the type to know exactly what you want then you won't fall into the trap of copying whatever's on the window display thinking theyre the only things worth buying.

5) last, if MFO chooses to buy pricey things that's her prerogative. also, this is her blog and her opinion counts more than ours - it's HER PAGE. i dunno, did she ever insult us or our finances when she mentions that her shoes are Valentino/Hermes/Prada etc etc? let us just look beyond the label and see what we actually can get out of her clothes and things - i dunno maybe style pointers? i'm thinking she won't mind if we decide to do a saver's version. if anyone's too jealous of the fact that she can afford them and can't get over it then stay out of her blog.

JEN said...

Kring kring, love that comment!!!

i think the nemesis should start her own blog. would actually love to visit that. :-)

Anonymous said...

bakit mga fashion icons mo puro foreigner? and if you are manila fashion observer, then you should not diss teenagers who dress a certain way. sana you just blogged what you observed, na uso ang longchamp le pliage or high heels or 'cheap fabrics'. not everyone has the amount of money you have and you don't have the right to look down on them just because they're not as rich as you. and how on earth are you able to observe fashion in manila if you're based in singapore?? i really liked you, i really liked you're blog. now, i'm just not sure anymore.

Anonymous said...

affected much? i get that you should defend yourself but to go through all the trouble of composing a post and sharing pics of popular people with similar fashion sense as yours is kind of defensive and pathetic. also, i think you need to look down on other bloggers while defending yourself. And i thought you have class. tsk tsk...

Lauren said...

Hi, MFO!

I'm a college student obsessed with fashion. To me, something "fasyon" can range from what a Zara mannequin is wearing, to a crisp button down shirt, perfect- fitting denim jeans, and comfy ballet flats. I actually am both, depending on my mood.

It's not right for people to dictate which side "fasyon" really is. and just because some people don't pile on necklace over necklace, wear ten rings, and color their hair orange-y brown, it doesn't mean they are more 'inferior' to people who do, in a fashion sense.

I admire your simple yet classy sense of style. Don't let others who don't appreciate the way you dress get to you at all. God bless you! :)

Ros said...

To the "one who started it all" (or anonymous 10/23/2011 08:33:00 PM; anonymous 10/20/2011 09:46:00 AM) - what I find "defensive" and "pathetic" is how you've been coming back to this same comment section with your inane, personal attacks. Your comments really don't add any sort of value. You do love your "tsk, tsk", is this your brain grinding just to understand the arguments put forth in this exchange? I wonder what sort of education you received.

anonylicious said...

hi tin! i'm an avid reader. i seldom comment but i am compelled to say this:

you're one classy lady. never mind those people who think they know more. you can't please everybody and there will always be inggiteras. just continue to do what you love- writing and we'll continue to do what we love- reading your blog and learning from it.

Zee said...

can i just say? i love your style :) it doesn't have to be attention-grabbing with colored hair or whatnot... it should be what you're comfortable in. :)

Laika said...

This might be a late reply. I only accidentally stumbled upon this entry and it it spot on! As a fashion student, I am with you on this one and it was a certainly brave move.

Will definitely start following this blog. :)

NIQUE said...

I own a clothing online store. I chose the clothes that I sell but I personally don't dress as my products. How one person dresses herself is a matter of expression of personality, and it does not necessarily mean you have to sell what you are. Business is different from personal because we have what we call "target clients".

I think fashionista is more like looking good with clothes that you feel like wearing, clothes that define yourself (how you carry yourself) and does not necessarily imply wearing the flashy and the latest trend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying out loud and online what I have always wanted to say because I will surely offend many of my friends. But really, kudos to you. More Filipinas should read your blog and especially this post. :) Hugs! You rock! - A+girl

Anonymous said...


Hang in there MFO. You've inspired many people with your informative and classy blog :)

Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

just quietly, i am actually quite curious to see the blog of those two filipina girls mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

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Monterey, California (PRWEB) March 05, 2012

Evelyn Sineneng-Smith recently conducted a lecture to the Haute Couture fashion students of Carla Zimbelman at the Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California.

Evelyn described to Ms. Zimbelman's students the haute couture techniques utilized by Monique Lhuillier in her bridal gowns, which were worn by, among others, Britney Spears when she married Kevin Federline, Christine Baumgartner (to Kevin Costner), Vanessa Manillo (to Nick Lachey).

The students were at awe at the incredible creative details in these gowns, which cost from $5,000. to $25,000. or even more! Evelyn referred to Monique's craftsmanship in creating handmade roses, origami flowers, frayed ruffled organza, lace over lace embroidery, very intricate beading with pearls, jewels, crystals, the details which can upgrade an ordinary simple gown to "haute couture" level.

The inspirational segment about "Monique Lhuillier: The Business Empire" was more interesting to the students, who may pursue a career in Haute Couture. Evelyn discussed the infrastructure of Monique Lhuillier's design business, from her flagship salons, to her accredited bridal salon distributors, to the corporate indentities, to the licensing of her designs, which now extend to dinnerware, stemware, fine printed invitations, beautiful scented candles, and others. Monique Lhuillier's bridal designs are sold in the finest bridal salons globally, all over the US, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim countries.

The buzz in the fashion industry is that she is "competing with Vera Wang" or "will be the next Vera Wang". Well, there's also Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, a British American fashion designer with the same caliber and with the same "deep pockets" as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier. These are currently the three women at the top of the global "Haute Couture" level of the fashion industry.

Most interesting to Ms. Zimbelman and the students was Ms. Sineneng-Smith's ability to lecture on Monique Lhuillier from three different perspectives: Business, Law and Fashion, three areas where she spent her entire education and career. She concluded her lecture by inspiring the students that, even if they may not come from very affluent families like Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang and Georgina Chapman, they can still make it in the "haute couture" level of the fashion industry if they continue to develop their creative talents in haute couture, either by being blessed at birth or education or both.

Ms. Sineneng-Smith believes that one should continuously hone their creative skills to remain competitive here in America.

You can view Ms. Sineneng-Smith's website at

herroyalbleakness said...

Truth be told, I started hating my body when these fashion bloggers started to post their amazing take on what is fashionable. Not that I'm blaming them for my unhealthy body issues --- but people like me, who aren't THAT confident with their sense of style, can get carried away with reading too much pinay fashion blogs, hee :D

It's just too sad that some people choose to be rude and mindless of what others may feel with what they have to say. I don't get why it seems so challenging to plainly leave the site that displeases them.

Anonymous said...

Fashion fades while style is forever.

beautiful_beginning said...

@Sharry(10/20/2011 02:50:00 PM) I totally agree with everything you said, Sharry.

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