Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marni x H&M This Spring 2012!

I am normally not a print person, but I always give Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni a free pass. I often find myself longingly browsing at Marni, wishing I could buy everything in the store. I mean, I don't even wear heels and wedges, but her chunky take on shoes convince me I need one in my wardrobe. Now if only I can snag one on sale, because you know, these things when they do, they go fast!

So when I saw in my inbox that the next collaboration with H&M would be Marni, I was almost hyperventilating with excitement! This I personally feel, is the best one yet! The dream team!

Here's what Consuelo Castiglioni, Founder and Creative Director of Marni says about her collection for H&M: “I wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all our favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints. As always, I love juxtaposing prints and colours, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic adding sporty utilitarian elements”. 

Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor H&M enthuses.“We all love the collection here at H&M and we believe that our customers will do the same. Marni has such a modern touch with everything they do, mixing prints and accessories in a playful but chic way. It’s fantastic to see how Consuelo Castiglioni coordinates her designs, matching new combinations of print and colour, with such incredible craftsmanship behind every piece. The collection will arrive in stores at just the perfect time, as a lovely statement for spring“. 

Available from March 8, 2012 in around 260 stores worldwide and online (in countries where they do sell online), the collection features both clothing and accessories for men and women.

For women, expect all Marni staples, with full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped trousers and jacquard knits, while fabrics range from silk to crisp cotton poplin. To complete the look, the collection also includes jewellery, shoes, bags and scarves.

For men, the colours and fabrics are softened for a relaxed take on menswear staples that are truly Marni. The use of print is subtle, often as a lining or as a contrast detail for shirts, the silhouette a modern and relaxed take on masculine classics.

To get you more excited, I leave you with the teaser! Consuelo promises "everything has the same quality, craft and attention to detail that Marni is known for". Eeeeee! This is one collection I am seriously contemplating lining up for!


shirin0809 said...

Hi Tin!

I haven't visited your site for awhile now. *Sorrrry*
Then I opened it now, and *bam*, I get this news on Marni x H&M! Ahhhhh! I die.

Like you, I am fascinated with Marni, from the clothes to the shoes, to the bags. Ms Consuelo has a different point of view in design and I love it. And like you, they are out of reach. *sniff*

Now with H&M, it won't be wayyy out of reach na!
I will brave the bloodbath for this. Hahaha.


Tracy said...

Ahh! I love prints and I love Marni. I love how Marni is ladylike but fun and kooky. Thanks for the tip!

alritch said...

Great dresses and great designs, I love your blogs and thank you for posting this http://www.ladygeekwannabe.com/

KatDyFinds said...

Shet, I want! And Consuelo looks so fresh and cute, parang nageenjoy talaga siya! Kudos to H&M for nabbing great designers!

Karla said...

I absolutely love Marni. I'll start saving up for this collection!


Mommy Marie said...

Hi there! Deviating a bit from your topic. I wish you could help me. My daughter's coming Christmas program/party has a 70's theme. I did not give it much thought until recently when I googled images of girls in 70's fashion! I am hooked but don't exactly know where to get her clothes. I want something that is representative of the 70's but is still wearable after. Any suggestions? Where can I go? The party is in a week and I am panicking! Thanks!

Ayana said...

I can hardly wait for this collection!

Anonymous said...

Hello madam!

i really like your wedge. its really superb. i like fashion blogs. it keeps me updated on latest trends. pretty sure ill get more from here. ^_^

Simoncelli said...

great blog.
Try http://simoncelli-fashion.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

So anticipating the collaboration this spring!


Anonymous said...

oooh! i want!!!

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