Monday, November 14, 2011

My Ticker Tape Parade

With the advent of local online stores lately, by now you probably have discovered the joys and convenience of shopping online. With most local click and mortar sites like, Chicify and Catalogue63 successfully filling a niche, commanding a loyal group of customers with their curated local finds,  comes My Ticker Tape Parade which offers cult gift items sourced abroad, apart from being the Metro Manila distributor of the popular Filipino skincare brand, Leyende.

Jen Osmena, who started My Ticker Tape Parade, has brought in products from Mimobot, Ken + Dana, Noir, Necklush, Alchemy Goods, Paperself, Calourette, Threadless, Tiny Meat, DCI, Emily Rothschild, Komodokat, Lego, Tsubota Pearl, SKF, O'clock, WeWood, No Milk Today, Verabel, Cambridge Satchels, Field Notes while continually adding to their roster of brands. Given that these brands are not commonly found in Manila, and often can only be bought on trips abroad, the store caters to a particular demographic. "My ideal customer would be someone who appreciates and understands the value of design." Jen explains.

For Jen, My Ticker Tape Parade is the realization of a dream and a store that fills a void, "I've always wanted to put up a store. Aside from putting it up online being the best option given that I have a day job, I also think there aren't enough places to shop online here in the Philippines." Jen shares.

Jen started working on the site earlier this year - sourcing, getting the website up, etc. and launched the site in July. By now, it's chock full of great gift ideas, maybe enough to shop for the whole family in the comfort of your own home.

When asked to highlight her top gift idea's from her own store, Jen advises, "It's hard to pick something specific but I really think that the Baggu bags would make great gifts for anybody, with a million (okay, more like 50) colors/designs."

She also recommends Leyende Christmas packages. "Aside from the products themselves being great gifts, they already come beautifully-packaged for Christmas."

"But really, I like to think there's something there for everyone!", Jen enthuses.

To start browsing for cute tchotkes, visit My Ticker Tape Parade or their Facebook Page, now!

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