Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catalogue63's And Apparel Tees Giveaway!

Parker tee in black

Square tee in white

Boxy tee in gray stripe

The T-shirt is a wardrobe staple that we all should have piles of in our closets. It's the perfect thing to throw around when you really don't want to think about what to wear. It can be dressed up with a sequin skirt, or worn the way it was meant to be, as a basic piece paired with shorts, leggings or jeans during lazy days.

Of course, t-shirts acquire an edge of its own when they don't look like the typical basic tee, like And Apparel's drapey, edgy pieces! Best of all, Catalogue63 is giving away 3 tees to 3 MFO readers! All you have to do is:

1) Choose which one of the 3 shirts above you would like to win

2) Like Catalogue 63 on Facebook

3) On the picture of the shirt you like from THIS ALBUM, leave a comment sharing what you like about the shirt. This equals one entry.

4) Follow @catalogue63 on Twitter for an additional entry and tweet @Catalogue63 which shirt you would like to win. Facebook like + following @Catalogue63 on Twitter = 2 entries (Contestants must like Catalogue63 on FB, not just follow them on Twitter, to be eligible to win)

5) Promo ends at 9 pm of January 25, the last day of the giveaway period

6) Three winners will be picked randomly (raffle) – one winner for each shirt

7) Winners will be announced through MFO a day or 2 days after the end of the giveaway period

8) Catalogue 63 contact the winners through FB and Twitter after they are announced to arrange shipment of their prize to them

NOTE: Winners must be based in the Philippines.


Conchita said...

love their shirts! i think i already bought four tees from them!

Mom-Friday said...

Cool giveaway!
Joined! :)

Ansherina said...

That white tee is so pretty!

Btw, if ever, I'm Ansherina Santos on FB and numbertwohere in Twitter :D

Almira :)

ambquezada said...

I just joined.

notyourordinaryteacher said...


Facebook: vintagekawaii onlineshop
Twitter: @quiam

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