Wednesday, February 22, 2012

18 Weeks

These days I can eat so  much better now. No more puking at all, yey! I still have to rein in the urge to stuff myself because I get heartburn, sigh. Which is kind of good though because I don't eat more than I should. In a way, heartburn is a blessing because when I had it with Berry, I only gained 25 lbs the entire pregnancy. Which was easy to shed off.

I can also feel the Little One moving around in my tummy! I started feeling movements around 16 weeks, but this time it's more evident. I so know when the baby is awake! We are so excited! Berry calls our baby, "my baby". She even talks to the baby, saying she will share her toys! Awww, I think she'll be a good and caring atchi/older sister!

Here's how my belly looks at 18 weeks:

Tunic top from H&M, American Apparel leggings, Simple 85 pumps from Christian Louboutin
(In heels, I know. I was sitting the whole time anyway, and didn't need to walk extensively, so why the heck not, hee)

J. Crew tunic top, Old Navy leggings, ballet flats from French Sole 

The latter outfit is more pregnancy friendly of course. I think as my belly grows, I'll be living in leggings, tunic tops and flats more and more.


Week 18 Pregnancy said...

Oh wow, your bump has really popped! I love it. So are you having any dreams or feelings about whether you're having a boy or girl?

Tina Bondoc said...

congrats tin! we're just a few weeks apart pala! yay for dragon babies! max is the same, he says he has a baby in his tummy too -- 5 to be exact. i'm expecting a baby girl and max says he has a baby boy wahahaha! i hope you have a boy this time around! woot!

cd_mfo said...

Week 18, I'll just wait for the ultrasound! I dream of both a baby girl and a baby boy so I don't know which one to expect! Hahaha!

Yay! Congrats on your little girl! How exciting Tina!!! Max is so cute! Haha!

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