Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fave Looks from the Marni x H&M Lookbook

Here are my favorite looks for the girls, although guys, I gotta tell you, there's a lot of pieces to like on your end too! I haven't forgotten you! But first, here are my top picks from the collection:

Quintessentially Marni = socks + platforms

I love this dress! And the sandals!

The belted coat! One word. Volume.

I want this tee! And the sequined collar! Reminds me of this one...

What Sofia wore...

These flat sandals + socks, that collar again, and the cardigan w/ belt. The swimsuit is cute too. 
If there was a like button on each piece, then I just liked everything!

This dressssssssss!

What Lou wore. Super cute. If I end up with only this top & the shorts, I think I'll be ok.

Want this tee too! And the pencil skirt!

The collection will be out in select stores worldwide on March 8. All photos courtesy of H&M.

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Lorsee said...

Such a lovely collection! The cutest one is the swimsuit...

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