Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pregnancy Style

I have so many beauty related posts lined up, but before we go there, I just wanted to share that I have no urge to shop for clothes these days. But I am so enthralled with makeup, skincare and massages. To my fellow preggy ladies, do you feel the same? 

Maybe I don't feel like shopping since I still fit into my shirts and tops, and just wear jeans, shorts and trousers that were bought a size too big. Since I buy a lot of my stuff online, I usually end up with pieces that are big for me, but since I am tamad to return sometimes, I just keep them anyway. They're not a lot, but these sure come in handy during times like these, hehe. So pregnancy style tip, just get bottoms that are a size/ a few sizes bigger than your usual. You can always belt the bottoms or wear them slung on your hip when you go back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Anyhoo, I know the day will come when I would want to dress up. I thought I'd share with you this super cool line called Hatch Collection that I bookmarked way before I got pregnant with Dragon Dychiao. Hatch Collection is based out of New York and makes these maternity but not maternity looking clothes. Check these out!

I miss the days tuloy when I was walking around New York, pregnant with Berry. My daily dose of exercise was pounding the streets of SoHo, Madison Ave and Fifth Ave. Window shopping lang. Manila is not exactly the place for walking around, all layered like above, hehehe.

You know who else look cute while pregnant? Japanese women. Who apparently also frequent the Clarins Spa in Rustan's for pre-natal massage treatments. No wonder they get to keep their figure. I remember they would wear these loose linen or peasant style dresses. It's not my style, it's too cutesy for my taste, but they get away with it. Just check the Japanese magazines. They would wear these over jeans and pair it with clogs and layer it with long sleeved tees underneath. So cute!

I will research next what French women wear while pregnant. Now that is totally gonna rock my world.

Photos from Hatch Collection and Joe Browns


Bridal Cars Rental said...

Great maternity dress !!

Anonymous said...

hi ms. dychiao! what style/name do you refer to the clothes in the pictures above, the ones where the girl was wearing a gray thing holding a baby and the picture below in red?! so nice i want to buy! (even if im not pregnant hehe) :) thank you :)

A Loopy Life said...

I bookmarked Hatch Collection as well when I first read about them! The clothes are so nice.

Run Around Girl said...

do prenatal massages help women keep their figures? i never knew! will have to keep that in mind for my second pregnancy.

cd_mfo said...

Hi Anon! The grey one is called The Wrap, and the red one is called The Cardigan. Check here:

Karen: Super! But so expensive too! Sigh!

Pam: The therapist in Clarins said it helps with draining toxins, dealing with manas and toning! =)

Jonna said...

those moms in the pictures are crazy-chic!!! i love it!

Anonymous said...

seems to me that the hatch collection is all about draping well over the preggy belly. but, only very few of these would fit in very traditonal work settings, like the legal profession. these might be too casual for client meetings and hearings. so far, ive been getting away with roomy jackets. but i anticipate that i will grow bigger. any more ideas for a corporate mom?

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