Wednesday, March 07, 2012

20 Weeks: Green is In

This is me and Xavi, who is now 20 weeks old. We had our ultrasound last week, and it's confirmed! Dragon Dychiao is a boy! So we have a new nickname now, Xavi, just like the Spanish footballer. (Although Kat & I agree that Xabi is more guapo, haha).

Last weekend, we went to my good friend Ivy's wedding, and it was just a lucky happenstance that I had this dress on standby. I got this from MYTH last year. I didn't really have an occasion to wear it to then, but I got it any way. It's by Joel Escober. It's not a maternity dress, but it had ample room to fit our growing baby boy. 

Sometimes, it really pays to get a great dress and just wait for an occasion to wear it to. Instead of looking for a dress when an occasion calls for it. At least you end up wearing a piece you love, not something na "pwede na" because you had no options.

Since the dress is a bit of a statement by itself, I accessorized minimally. Just my simple pumps from Louboutin, a pave bracelet from J. Crew, Tom Binns chandelier earrings and this gorgeous agate ring from Kristine Dee and Paul Syjuco!

Here's what I wore another day to meet Mikka at Rockwell, and stroll around the mall. An old dress from Zara. I searched high and low for this dress! Combed Manhattan for this in my size.  Found this in Zara on Broadway. Still something I can wear till full term I think!

Paired it with a FEED 1 tote and these Marni platforms that are the same shade as my dress! Chamba lang! Please excuse my grunge-y polish, wahaha! 

Incidentally, Marni x H&M happens tomorrow, March 8! My friend Naomi is asking her nanny to line up for her in the morning and will take her place when she brings the kids to school. Hay! So excited for her, and me! Heehee!


Conchita said...

wow! congrats again to you and hubby! one boy and one girl is so perfect.

you still look small at 20wks! so unfair. lol! i don't like posting pregnant photos anymore on my blog coz i look so big!

ambquezada said...

Wow congratulations. Plus your dress is so gorgeous. And I love your shoes. I'm amazed you're wearing heels. I never wore one when I was pregnant for fear of falling. I love your look.

Kat said...

Heehee. But Xavi Dychiao will be more like Xabi, for sure. :)

I love how your dress, coincidentally, celebrates your belly.

I love the accessories, too! Particularly the BV knot clutch and the J. Crew necklace. They are classics.

rochellePR said...

congratulations Tin!!! so wonderful you're having a boy this time around ... you have one of each na, hehe. have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Evita said...

Congratulations Tin!!! Berry must be so happy with her baby bro's arrival... Harvey also--haha! Love your green dress and the platform shoes, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Tin, congratulations! I remember when you said you wanted a boy! That is awesome! Love all your outfits...and your Marni platforms, I want one. Take care!

~ S from DC

Ansherina said...

Congrats for the boy! :D

Almira :)

Mhine said...

Congrats for the baby boy! We just had a dragon baby girl last january 30 and had a pair of kids as well.
It's nice to have a baby around again. Btw, very nice dress. Just like you I dont buy maternity clothes just so happen that I still fit on my regular clothing.
Have a safe pregnancy.

GraysGoose said...

oooh, you forgot to mention the bottega minaudiere ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is there h&m here in manila already?

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