Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Acca Kappa

What you see above is my collection of Acca Kappa brushes. The first one I bought is that wide toothed comb on the left. It's missing a tooth now, but you know, it's practically ten years old, more or less, so it has definitely withstood the test of time. The second one I got is the paddle brush which I purchased a year after I got my comb. I have been happily using these brushes, along with a comb and a boar bristle brush from Mason Pearson the last couple of years. I've realized, since I've invested in nice brushes, they surprisingly don't get lost at all, hehe. Maybe because I end up taking extra good care of them, and make a conscious effort to put them back in place?

A few months ago, Therese of Rustan's sent me the oval brushes - the soft bristle ones for Berry, and the boar and nylon ones for me. Then I bought the roller brush just a month ago. While I only brush my hair after I take a bath or when I blow dry my hair, it makes sense to me to have all these brushes. I guess I just enjoy looking at my collection of pretty brushes. Hee!

So when Therese as well as Jenny from PR invited me to the launch of Acca Kappa's new brush and bath lines at Lourd Ramos's newly opened salon on Arnaiz Avenue, I happily said, "Yes! I'll go!". After all, I am a huge fan of Acca Kappa, and have been so for years now.

If you are not familiar, or if you need a refresher on what Acca Kappa is all about, it is an Italian heritage brand that was established in 1869 near Venice, Italy. The main focus then was to produce quality hairbrushes and accessories. Acca Kappa soon became the official brush supplier to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, and today, the company is the largest manufacturer of quality brushes in Italy. They have also since expanded to colognes, as well as bath and body lines.

The latest of which is the Green Mandarin line with purifying properties - composed of the Green Mandarin Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner with Moringa Extracts, Bath and Shower Gel with Rosemary and Yarrow Extracts, Scented Body Water with Rosemary and Yarrow Extracts, and Liquid Hand Soap with Thyme and Echinacea Extracts.

I have the Green Mandarin scented body water and it really does smell citrus-y fresh! A bit thicker and more dense than the finely misting face and body water I am used to, but it does have scenting and moisturizing properties, so that's the trade off. The smell comes off strong at first, but when it tapers off, it leaves a faint, fresh scent. I think this would be nice to use for cooling off when you're out by the pool or the beach on a hot summer day. 

Of course, I became an instant fan of their latest brush - the Acca Kappa Protection brush.

Unlike regular brushes which can feel prickly against your scalp, it has looped bristles that gently massage it - stimulating microcirculation, which is apparently beneficial to the hair follicles. I was also told that the looped bristles make excellent detanglers because it does not damage the hair structure. Since I tend to have tangled hair after I shampoo, I have been using the Protection brush and true enough, it really is a better detangler than my wide toothed comb. It just glides on to the hair, detangling as it goes.

If you are going to invest in a good brush, might as well get this one and only this one. Its great for detangling and for blow drying hair as well! Kind of like an all-in-one!

Hmmm, which makes my collection of brushes redundant in a way. But ok lang, they're pretty nice to look at naman, heehee!

Acca Kappa is exclusively available at all Rustan’s Department Stores.


Jessica said...

Amazing how youve kept them so clean..I've been steering away from wooden ones cause I feel I can't wash them like the plastic ones..I also brush only after shower so after a while they need to be cleaned because of the dampness..do u have a certain way of cleaning them? :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Jessica! These brushes are very low maintenance! I just take off the hair strands after each brush and let the brush air dry, that's it :)

Ansherina said...

I love the protection brush! I've always had thick hair and it's such a pain taming it down! Nangangalay arms ko everytime I brush after bath haha! Can I ask how much is it? And where here in the Philippines could I buy? Thanks! :D

Almira :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi Almira! The brushes are available in Rustan's and about Php1k if I remember right!

A Loopy Life said...

Any idea where i can find the Protection brush here in the US? I tried googling it but can't find one for sale. Thanks!

cd_mfo said...

Acca Kappa has stores in LA and Las Vegas!, Karen!

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