Thursday, April 12, 2012

23 Weeks

Eeeep! I have a backlog of posts on documenting my belly as it grows, and what I wear as it does. This week is actually my 26th week already, but let's play catch up...

Starting with what I wore the week Xavi turned 23 weeks old:

A traditional Grecian top bought by my my friend Naomi in Greece, with J Brand skinnies and K. Jacques St. Tropez flats. Very "I did the tourist-y bit in Europe this summer (even if I didn't)".

Wore this Vestito shift dress to a dinner date with Dada. I love that this shift dress has pockets, although it started puffing out a bit because of my growing Xavi, hahaha!

I especially love the detail on the back! As my friend Sarj would say, "business in front, party in the back!" My friend Angela designed this dress, and it is really meant to be worn from day to night. Brilliant no?

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Anonymous said...

I find this dress simple but may dating :) the kind of which i would prefer to wear everyday :)

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