Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Makeup Mavens

Last night, my SIL Lorr showed us this YouTube video of a Taiwanese show where girls come in their "bagong gising look". But before revealing their face, they show a photo of what they look like, when fully made up aka "After & Before" Looks:


I was fascinated! I've always wanted big eyes and it's amazing how these girls managed to make their eyes look huge!

While watching, my head was a jumble of thoughts:

- Why would the girls want to show their unmade faces on national TV? Especially since one was raking it in as an online model
- Then again, it just shows how much of an expert they are at making themselves look good, they'd make a killing teaching other girls how to put makeup on. Alternative career!
- The hosts are so mean! Imagine how they would look without makeup on! And the guys, you're not Andy Lau or Takeshi Kaneshiro ha! 
- Guys will probably now think twice about the true level of hotness of that girl they saw on Facebook, ehehehe...


D said...

Oh my! Huuuuge transformation. But they aren't that bad without make up it's just that it's quite different. They must be really good in doing their own make up. I.must.learn! Lol

laughing.gams said...

omg.. can't believe it. I was thinking before watching the vid that they may have gone under the knife. geez I was surprised ..

yen said...

Really enjoyed this video! I'm amazed at how much makeup transformed these two girls into celebrities! I didn't know makeup could have that effect!

Joni Andrea said...

I think my mom watches this show! Hahaha. She has actually been telling me to catch it on cable so that I'll know how to apply make-up and make my eyes look bigger. :))

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