Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your Baby Fairy is Coming!

When we were living in the US, and we just had Berry, the website I most frequented was probably - I never had to panic about running out of nappies because they had free 1-2 day shipping, I could buy discounted diapers, and they often offered a free tub of baby wipes when I reached a certain amount.

That is why I am excited to share with you Baby Fairy, the Philippines' first Online Boutique for Babies - with diaper subscription services.

Read on and parents, rejoice! Just imagine how much you can save on time and gas alone. No more emergency trips to S&R, allowing you more precious moments with your wee ones ;)

Remember the last time you bought diapers? 

First, you had to bear with Manila's horrendous traffic. After all, we're now living in the 3rd worst city for driving, according to CNN. Then, you had to brave that crowded supermarket aisle, reach out for that large diaper pack on the top shelf, line up for that long check out line and lug those huge packs back home.  And finally, you're always afraid of running out of diapers. A wet baby is an unhappy baby, right? 

Let's face it. Diaper shopping is incredibly inconvenient. And as a busy modern mom, you have more important things to worry about. 

That's about to change. 

After a marathon 24-hour hacking session at Start-Up Weekend ManilaBaby Fairy launches with the first ever diaper subscription service in the Philippines. 

For as low as P500 a month, our Fairies will deliver - for free - your monthly supply of diapers from brands you love. Baby Fairy's online boutique also offers a full line of essentials, from milk and vitamins to clothing and baby care products delivered straight to your door. 

With Baby Fairy, you can shop for diapers and other awesome baby products from the convenience of your home. We do this in 3 ways. First, we partner with the top diaper brands to help you stock your shelves every month. No more rushing to the grocery or lugging those huge diaper packs! Second, our direct to consumer model cuts out the retail middleman so we can give you truly low prices! Lastly, our educational content gives you all the advice you need to help you raise your growing bundle of joy! 

There are over 7 million babies below the age of 2 in the Philippines. Three Filipino babies are born every minute. Yet, there is no one-stop online shop that helps you with all your baby needs.Baby Fairy wants to change that. 

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mera said...

i signed up for this.. thanks for sharing

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