Thursday, June 21, 2012

Find Me on AVA

I was invited by Oliver Segovia of and Kat Holigores of AVA.zine to be part of AVA's Idea-Listers and found myself in the company of people whose work I only read about. So yes, I was like, "What am I doing here?" Haha. So a huge thanks to Oliver and Kat for thinking of me and believing in my work too! :)

Of course, being an idea-lister requires that I pick out something from AVA each month. Just so you all get an idea of how I'd curate this month's selection. And hopefully, get you to discover the treasures in store at AVA. Here are my top picks for this month: 

It was seriously hard to whittle my list to just six items, seriously. But each item above is definitely something I'd want for myself or already have, so you know it's not just random pickings.

Oh! And of course, I do contribute to AVA.zine as well. It's like the magazine version of AVA, filled with nuggets of valuable information covering everything from art, to fashion and lifestyle. Yes, there are a lot of interesting reads there that pick at your mind and encourage you to look beyond just product launches and what people are wearing. Although of course, that's my guilty pleasure too. Hee!

Here's my list of the 5 Books on Style, which I shared over at Ava.zine and I think every girl should have these on her night table. Read here:

5 books on style, currently on my bedside table

Enjoy and see you over at!

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