Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jelly Nelly

Jelly shoes and sandals are a fun alternative to flip flops, and tad bit more stylish of course.

But not all jelly shoes and sandals are made the same. I remember wearing cheap jelly glitter sandals from Marks & Spencer, which I would step out in, back in college during rainy days. I had them as flats (my then five year old sister had the same pair, we bought our jellies in the children's section of M&S haha) and another pair was heeled. Remember these? 90s flashback!

I have the pricier but yummy smelling Melissa sandals which come in the brightest colors and now I have Jelly Nelly Dani sandals, which are so comfy that the plastic doesn't rub into the feet at all. Plus they come in hues like clear, gray and turquoise.

Plus, its made out of Eco Jelly - "the latest technology in material composition that follows the safest and strictest standards, making sure it does not cause harm to the environment."

It's really cute, and beach perfect. Especially if you're not the aqua socks wearing type and want something more feminine. It goes with everything too, shorts, tunic dresses, even jeans if you wear a pair in the city.

The thing with Eco Jelly though, and I don't know if other Jelly Nelly owners have the same experience, is that it kind of starts to smell funky when not exposed to air. When I got my Jelly Nelly sandals, I kept them inside the plastic packaging and stored them in my closet. A couple of weeks later, when I took them out to wear, it sort of smelled, and I know it's not my feet because it's a brand new pair no! Heehee. Other than that, I have no complaints! They're affordable (only Php845/pair) and cute, so what's not to like!

Plus, they have little girl sizes so your Mini Me can wear the same pair as yours (although little girl sizes come in prettier colors like light blue, lavender and pink)!

Jelly Nelly is available at select boutiques in Metro Manila, Bacolod, Cebu and online via Mothering Earthlings. For the complete list of physical stores, click HERE!

For updates and to learn more about the Jelly Nelly brand, visit their website ( and like them on Facebook (


rain71 said...

love the nail polish

melissa said...

i'm thinking of getting one online (not available locally where i'm from) but i am unsure of the sizing. i usually wear a 6, 5/6 for havaianas. zalora only has size 5 (fortunately in the color i like). their size chart says it's good for my foot size, but i just want to confirm, did you get these a size smaller than you usually wear?

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