Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scotch Naturals for Maarte Pregnant Mommies

Scotch Naturals in Flying Scotsman 

To be honest, it wasn't until I got pregnant with Xavi that I realized how much I like putting on polish. I mean, yeah, I do collect Chanel polishes and I really do watch out for new colors to add to my collection each season, but when I was pregnant with Berry, going to the salon was the last thing on my mind. Salon services are so expensive abroad, I accepted the fact that it was an indulgence I could do without.

Not here in Manila.

I could get a manicure with polish for Php220, even if it meant bringing my own polish. Which I don't mind. Because I do have my own color and brand preferences. Especially now that I need something safe for pregnancy. I started off using Berry's Hopscotch Kids, but then I realized I wanted sophisticated, more "adult" colors.

Enter the grown-up counterpart of Hopscotch Kids: Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals in Troya 

Like Hopscotch Kids, the line is water-based. It is in fact "the premier non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to conventional solvent-based nail polish. Their revolutionary water-based formula conditions nails and delivers long-lasting, salon-quality color." 

It contains no toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, acetone, or heavy metals. But since it is water-based, it kind of chips easily, especially if you have "working hands". Surprisingly, I find that the polish lasts longer on my feet. With barely a chip towards the third week.

WEEK 1: Bright, shiny lacquered and cheery (paired with sandals from See by Chloe)

WEEK 2: Still looking good! (paired with Saltwater sandals)

WEEK 3: A bit dull, but still barely chipped! (paired with Anthology's Hudsons)

In fact, when I took off the polish after several weeks, using the accompanying Soy Polish Remover from Scotch Naturals, it was a bit of a struggle taking it out. The polish really is strong and lasts long! And what's best, my toe nails still looked pinkish and healthy, when it would have turned yellow with the standard nail polish brands in the market.

Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or you just prefer using water-based, harsh-chemicals free polish as a lifestyle choice, Scotch Naturals is your best bet. I swear by it! And best of all, it's available in the Philippines. From the prettiest pastel shades, to classic neutrals like gray, olive green, and beige as well as bright juicy colors like orange and red.

Check out the full line composed of the base coat, top coat, polish remover and yummy colors available online via! When you do get the polish, I suggest you get the base coat and top coat as well. The base coat protects your nails, while the top coat strengthens the polish like no other. 


Cai Sio said...

Yay! While I love collecting Chanel nail polish too, I need a more safe polish since I'm breastfeeding so YAY for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where can we get scotch naturals in manila? Thanks and i enjoy reading your posts:)

cd_mfo said...

Yes! It's the perfect line for us Cai! =)

Hi Anon! Available on, here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Super like the see by chloe sandals..

where did you buy it?


cd_mfo said...

Hi Anon! Got it in the States, years ago. They might not have the same color now, but it's a style they come out with each season in diff colors! Try or net-a-porter!

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