Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Smart Parenting, June 2012

To my family, friends and dear readers! Please buy the June 2012 issue of Smart Parenting! Why? Heehee, because, tadaa! 

Xavi and I are in the issue. We were interviewed Rachel Perez (thanks Sche!) for The Pregnancy Chronicles, where I got to share my thoughts and experiences during this pregnancy :) Of course, I also got to share my preggy must-haves. Mostly maarte mommy stuff, but also something that will do good for Xavi - i.e. the Belly Buds, to teach him music appreciation early.

One thing I failed to share here, that I can't do without these days? Tums, tu- tums, tums, tums! Helps me deal with heartburn, especially these days when Xavi is so big na, it feels like I have no space in my tummy for food to go down and digest. Sigh.

Ay! I have another kwento! I wrote a feature for Preview Magazine, for TechTalk! So please check out the June 2012 issue of Preview too. Yes the latest one with five gorgeous girls on the cover. Sabi nga nila, if you can't beat them, join them (as a writer though, hehehe!) Echoz!

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