Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Ballerina Berry's Birthday Bash

With Xavi about to come out, Dada suggested that we throw Berry a small party for her 3rd birthday. While she is still the one and only center of attention, heehee! 

But since we are back home, small is really subjective. With immediate family and Berry's playmates alone, we ended up throwing some kind of a birthday bash, haha. Our official family party expert, Tita Nanette, my mom's cousin who I love to consult when it comes to parties, suggested that we make it a ballerina themed party since Berry loves ballet. And she volunteered to sponsor Berry's ballerina fairy princess costume (see above), and brought pink paper lanterns to jazz things up. She also took charge of buying pink accessories and making tutus for Berry's little girl guests, so they can also dress up fancy:

My friend Rochelle's twins Mikaela & Solana

If that sounded like a lot of work, wait, there's more!

I enlisted the help of The Red Chef, and chose kiddie party food for all. After all, who doesn't love eating kiddie spaghetti, mini burgers, chicken fingers, and french fries? I also bought Red Ribbon empanada and ordered Yellow Cab pizzas. Because my mom was afraid there might not be enough food daw. My mom is a believer that food has to be overflowing in parties, hahaha.

We prepared a loot bag filled with: Hello Panda, NIPS in colorful containers, Oreos, Marie biscuits (for Berry's baby guests), miniature Play Doh (thanks to Tita Dianne!) and a few more little things to make the goodie bag really a goodie bag:

Auntie Lorr baked these cute brownie pops, which along with cupcakes, chocolate balls, marshmallows and all sorts of treats, constituted the table centerpiece:

Of course, we had to prepare prizes for games! I found these cute tin cans at Gourdo's:

And filled it with Berry themed treats:

Then we prepared more party prizes, novelties like notebooks, water containers, notepads, pencil and eraser sets, drawing books with crayons and coin purses. I prefer giving these instead of plastic toys from China that will just turn up as house clutter, hehehe:

One of the highlights of Berry's party would have to be this pretty confection of a cake made by Tita Aisa Atilano (check out her site here: who makes the prettiest cakes and cupcakes! We just showed her Berry's invite (designed by Tita Richelle Macapagal) and she came up with this cake and cupcake extravaganza:

Of course, Berry loved it. She couldn't wait to eat her cake, which was not only pretty, but super yummy too. The cupcakes came in chocolate and red velvet. Both were really moist and not too sweet! If you'd like to get in touch with Aisa, just email her at and she'll be happy to make something equally adorable for you!

After we sang Berry her birthday song, she distributed the goodie bags, she even went to Tita Alessa for the microphone and thanked everyone for coming! The consummate hostess!

Then, she invited Tita Nicole (wearing Tita Thea's tutu) to step outside the lawn so they can do an impromptu dance routine:

Tadaaaa! Happy 3rd Birthday to our dearest Ballerina Berry! We hope you grow up believing in the beauty of your dreams! Bow!


I wrote a post for Manila Social Diary - Party Tips: How to Throw a Kiddie Party in Manila, and as you will see, my style is totally DIY! Hope you enjoy reading it! Meanwhile, just to make this post more informative, here's a checklist that you might want to go through for when you plan your child's kiddie party:

__ Budget: Personally we don't do extravagant parties, hence strictly sticking to budget = DIY
__ Theme
__ Venue
__ Decorations: enlist help of a printer or party planner if you want to go full blast on these
__ Balloons
__ Caterer: they also usually take care of tables, chairs & center pieces
__ Food booth
__ Cake
__ Giveaways & Souvenirs: loot bags, photo booths, etc.
__ Games & Party Prizes
__ Entertainment: magicians, clowns, balloon artists, paint tattoo artists, party booth
__ Sound system
__ The birthday celebrant's outfit!

You may also want to consider serving coffee & tea with dessert. I thought it would have been perfect if we had coffee & tea machines ala Nespresso or the CBTL Single Serve Beverage machine, thankfully, I was able to ask my caterer to bring along a hot water dispenser and I just served instant coffee & tea to guests. Which turned out to be a hit amongst the parents, who were feeling drowsy after a very filling lunch.


eileen marquez said...

cute theme! belated happy birthday to your little ballerina :)

Mom-Friday said...

Belated happy birthday to Berry!
I love the ballerina theme and the cake!
I also prefer useful and practical items over plastic toys as game prizes! :)

densandfan said...

Belated happy birthday, Berry! The venue looks really nice :)

Meikah said...

Super cute!!! Wish I had a girl! LOL Happy birthday greetings your way.

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Eileen! =)

Thanks Michelle! Hehe, great minds think alike!

Thanks Tiffany!

Yes, fun to throw girly girl parties haha! Thanks Meikah!

neva | manilamommy said...

belated happy birthday to berry! i'm due to give birth a month before dw's birthday, hope i can still make time to plan for kuya's birthday! love the tips tin :)

Jackie Go said...

Happy birthday ballerina Berry! :) Cute naman! Thanks for the tips! G's 2nd birthday was in Jollibee since we didn't wanted to have a big one nga but like you said, you really can't avoid pag dito ka nakatira. A small party will balloon into a big one as the kid grows noh? heehee. Now, I'm excited to try and plan her 3rd birthday tuloy! :)

photographers abu dhabi said...

I love your sunrise photos the most.It certainly makes me dreams!gorgeous short-you should be proud of all of them!thanks for sharing these content.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

With my second child, a princess this time, would really want to go DIY for her 1st bday. We're going home to the Phils for family and friends to meet her for the first time so it is more likely a big group. I also hate the idea of extravagant over the top parties.

Would you kindly share other party info like venue, party activities at Berry's party? Would have loved a photo of your decor with lanterns. Did you still hire a party host, wondering if an informal host whom we know can do the trick.

With my son, I kinda felt like I attended a party which required me to pay attention to the loud, noisy party host/program with less time to mingle and enjoy.

Apologies for long comment. Just wanted a simple and yet memorable bday party for our sweet cupcake...the party theme I have in mind incidentally.

Love your post, God bless you xoxo

cd_mfo said...

Hi Thesa!

Venue depends on where it is most convenient. Like will you be in QC, Ortigas area, San Juan, Makati, Taguig, Alabang?

For the lanterns, you can just buy those at Saizen, True Value or party supplies stores. Try Party Magic in San Juan, they have a lot. If you can go to Divisoria, they would have a lot there too.

You don't need a professional host. We did not hire one, it was just my cousin who did the hosting =)

Hope this helps!

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