Friday, August 24, 2012

Disciplining Mistakes and New Beginnings

Now that I am a mom a second time around, there is one thing I know for sure. I am still no expert on parenting. No amount of books can really prepare us for motherhood, that I really wish each kid came with a personalized, step-by-step manual! 

Thankfully, my friend Kris de Guzman aka OC Mom in Manila invited me to join her other mommy friends in attending a series of progressive parenting talks by One Core CEO and life coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo called "Raising Little Heroes: A Parenting and Self-Enrichment Program" for the New Beginnings Community.

I have only been to the first and only talk so far (the next one is scheduled tomorrow), and I am grateful for having access to these precious life lessons from Coach Pia and my fellow moms via New Beginnings. I have learned so much about the psychology of kids and parenting styles that I am making sure I won't miss any scheduled session. No cutting classes, ever!

If you are wondering what New Beginnings is all about, well its our cool mommy club (heehee), and the good news is you or the moms you know, may join na! The website - (, as well as the New Beginnings Facebook page ( is chock-full of information on parenting and motherhood and it would be great if you can join in on the discussions.

As much as it would be fun to have everyone attend our sessions with Coach Pia, we know how busy a mom's schedule is, so Kris & I, with fellow New Beginnings moms Jackie Go and Tiffany Baura, will be sharing our insights and learnings from the talks with you via our blog posts in the New Beginnings website. It'll be almost as good as being there, promise.

I recently wrote about the 10 Worst Disciplining Mistakes that we all have to steer clear of (I am actually guilty of a few, eeeep!) so please read it HERE! And please assure me you are as guilty as I am. Hehehe.

I would love for you to discover and join progressive and progressive moms in the making at the New Beginnings Community on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NBMums) too! See you there!

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