Saturday, September 29, 2012

MFO's Verdict On: Clarins Double Serum

Since I promised to write reviews about the products I do and will swear by, and to make my reviews more comprehensive, thorough and organized, I will be following this framework from now on. Hope you enjoy this new "feature" of the blog - MFO's Verdict On: _____ !

The Product: Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate

The Promise: The one and only anti-aging treatment that reactivates the five vital functions on which skin's youth and beauty depend - hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection, regeneration.  Combining the 20 most powerful anti-aging plant extracts, it is the best of nature and science in one product and the culmination of 27 years of anti-aging expertise.

Visible results include noticeably fewer wrinkles, skin that is firmer, more even, more resilient, with renewed radiance and less visible pores.

Put to the Test: To be honest I have only ever started going to Clarins when I got pregnant with Xavi and I would visit the Clarins Spa for my twice a month pre-natal massage sessions. When I was in my 20s, I had always associated the brand with mommy skincare, because my friend Isabelle would stop by the Clarins counter in Lane Crawford to buy products for her mom whenever she was in HK. But well, now that I am a mom, should be right up my alley then.

I have been using Clarins Double Serum for about a month now, day and night. I just follow the instructions on the bottle, pump the serum onto my hand, mix a bit and apply onto face. It starts off a bit oily, but glides nicely onto skin and doesn't feel icky-greasy. I just let it dry on my face naturally.

Btw, you will notice that when you pump out the serum, it sort of looks like you just cracked an egg, with a dark "yolk" in the center. This is because Double Serum's two formulas are never in contact. Each vial has a separate pump dispenser - to preserve the power of the water and oil-soluble ingredients and ensure the two formulas only come together upon application and in the ideally balanced ratio.

Passing the Verdict: I can tell you, there really is a huge difference in my skin. The first thing I noticed about my skin was the radiance. Seriously, it looks luminous. I don't even wear makeup anymore. It is in fact possible that I could be mistaken for a shining, shimmering Cullen. If they ever included a 30 something Asian woman into their coven. Although I am often mistaken to be in my 20s heehee. Oh diba, never aging. Vampire-riffic!

As for the crows feet slowly creeping around my eyes when I smile? Well visibly lessened in about two weeks. I now supplement with Clarins eye cream, for extra "fight the wrinkles" power.

Pores have been under control, ever since I started doing my French "No Water" skincare routine. With this serum, they haven't exactly disappeared, but they have shrunk to a size I am not bothered about. But not yet to a poreless finish. I guess I am not a Cullen with skin as smooth as marble after all. 

Here's an unfiltered, un-Photoshopped photo of my skin sans make-up, taken with my iPhone. I still do have a bit of brown spots on my cheek area, but hopefully as I use the serum longer, they'll fade into oblivion.

Yes no make-up. I don't know if its my skincare routine coupled with the serum, but my cheeks are naturally flushed, aka as rosy cheeks hahaha.

Overall, skin feels nice and tight, and like I said, I am still mistaken to be much younger than I am, so it is safe to say, the anti-aging claim really works!

Practical Tip: Touted to be the complete age-control concentrate, it is recommended for women age 25 and older. A lady is never too young to start a skincare routine in my opinion. I wish I knew about this serum when I was 25. 

Price: Php4,750 

Point of Sale: Clarins Double Serum is exclusively available at all Rustan's Department Stores: Ayala Center Makati, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center, Essenses Rockwell, Ayala Center Cebu and Gateway Mall


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I am also a 30 something Asian woman, and I need this product.
Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Run Around Girl said...

Tin! I just bought this at the hong kong airport because clarins had a free gift with purchase promo thing and i'm a sucker for those! And yay, now i'm really excited to try!!

Anonymous said...

I also have those brown spots!! Goodness! How do I get rid of them? Please do update if the serum gets rid of them.. will definitely hoard if it's effective. Thank you so much for sharing. - mimi

Mom-Friday said...

With or without using this serum, you definitely look so much younger than you actually are!
Natural youthful beauty ka talaga Tin! Naks :)))
(And hindi ko lang din afford itong serum, hahahaha!)

Anonymous said...

Hi MFO! I read about your French no-water skin routine. Just want to ask which stores in Singapore can I buy the Avene thermal spring water. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How long does the bottle last on you?

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a serum in lieu of the one i'm currently using ( Which is almost empty ). Thanks for this Tin! Will definitely give it a try. I love the pinkish glow of your skin and hope the serum will do that to me, too. I'm also inspired by the French No Water skin care routine. Now i'm excited to hunt down those products tomorrow! ( Evian in place of the Avene Thermal water ).
Thank you! I'll watch out for more "MFO's Verdict On ---".

cd_mfo said...

I'll keep you posted on the brown spots Mimi! Hehe!

Hehe! Thanks Michelle!

Anon: Avene Thermal water is available at Watson's in SG!

Anon: I've used mine for over a month now and it is still 2/3 full

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tin! I'm a big fan of your blog. I super like your style and taste. I also went to SHS like you, and even remember you and your maiden name :)

I've been following the French No Water routine for a week now and I must say it has made a difference. Not really that dramatic yet since I just started, but overall, I'm happy with it. I also started using Clarins products (mga 2 weeks na). I want to buy this serum, too. Where do you think I can squeeze this in, in my regular routine? I use toner and hydraquench gel moisturizer in the morning and toner and advanced night repair at night.

Thanks in advance!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks so much too Anon! =) Yay! Happy it works for you! The serum is recommended for use before you put on your moisturizer. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Ang mahal naman nito sa Pinas! It's cheaper in Singapore (118 SGD or around 3800 PHP) and even cheaper on Duty Free shops :)

By the way, I love this serum as well. It have combination skin and it has removed the dry patches on it.

Plus they give a lot of freebies here in SG :)

chiechay20 said...

$89 in Duty Free

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