Monday, September 24, 2012

The Buzz on Beauty is on Glamourbox

A few weeks ago my friend Marie told me about Glamourbox, a pioneering beauty website that she is a founder of. When she told me it was similar to Birchbox in the US, I just knew they were on to something fantastic for beauty fanatics. And guess what - Glamourbox launched today!

Basically, when you sign up for a subscription plan, you get a surprise package for the month, filled with beauty product samples especially curated for you. Of course if you fall in love with a product, you also get to shop the full sized version at their online store:

You find this exciting? Here's the 411 from

Reluctant to splurge on new beauty brands for fear of wasting money on products you aren’t even sure will work for you? Overwhelmed by the sheer number of new products available in the market? WE WERE TOO! But fret no more. We’ve created a whole NEW WAY for Filipina beauty addicts and newbies to cut through all the beauty babel and discover the beauty products best for them. 

Glamourbox is the first premium online beauty subscription in the country, providing Filipinas with the best way to discover the latest beauty trends from across the globe. 

Here’s how it works. Once you subscribe, each month you will receive an elegant box with five deluxe beauty samples from premium, boutique and niche brands delivered to your doorstep. We carefully curate each box with worthwhile items, so you don’t have to weed through all the duds out there. Then, if you end up falling in love with any of the products (and we are certain that you will!), you can visit our online boutique to purchase the full-size of your beauty finds, be they makeup, skincare, bath & body, haircare, fragrances or even beauty tools. So for Php595 a month, we’re essentially delivering the cosmetics counter (and more) to your home…just no troublesome sales people! And to top it off, you get up to three times the value of what you paid for. Um, did someone say S-T-E-A-L? 

Now, the big shebang of the whole show is that we won’t be telling you which products you’ll be receiving each month. It’s a SURPRISE! And if you’re like us, this will be half the fun. 

And if all this wasn’t enough, we’ve also gone ahead and created a Glamourbox community for our members to buzz about their beauty finds, receive invites to exclusive events and enjoy special promotions for products and services.

Itching to subscribe now? Well, you might as well know there's nothing to lose here. Just choose a monthly plan which you can just renew the following month. Or you may get a quarterly plan. The beauty in getting a quarterly plan is you are pretty much sure you'll get first dibs on the samples box. There are only a limited number of boxes per month, so it's always great to be a subscriber. Oh! And it makes a great gift for your cosmetics crazy friend or your skin care obsessed sister too!

Exciting no?! Come join the Glamourbox community at and follow them on Twitter @GlamourboxPH!


Anonymous said...

Hi, MFO! This question is totally irrelevant to your post, but I was just wondering, do you know what happened to Kaye Insorio of Suchfunthings? I started following and enjoying her blog since you featured her. Anne here.:)

cd_mfo said...

She's just taking a blog break! =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! *back to geeking out on your blog* :)

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