Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Perfect Wardrobe

I've achieved it. For my life right now that is. (Syempre, may disclaimer haha!)

But seriously, it just feels amazing having a closet edited to a point where I can fit everything in 2 decent-sized cabinets and that's it. Ok, plus half a shoe cabinet for my shoes. But yeah, that's it. At this point, I honestly can say I can do without buying any article of clothing, shoes, bag or any accessory until the year ends. Then maybe for next year, the goal is to just stick to 2 pieces max per season. 

Of course, I still have wants. I am only human. But I can seriously live without them. I can pass by a store without going inside. Come to think of it, I can actually even go inside the store and walk away without buying anything. I go online and I don't even have to "add to cart" or "add to wish list"! Is this really me?!

For the past 5 years, I was busy buying the ultimate piece. I rarely bought anything, but when I did, it was the piece I have always wanted. I never settled for second best or "pwede na". So now, whenever I open my closet, every piece there is something I love. Yes, items I bought years ago, ever since I started curating my closet, are still there, hanging. Each treasured up to now.

Months ago, I started a couple of postings on the art of wardrobe building. But that sort of took a back seat with the demands of my daily life. After all, writing about personal style and one's thought process as I went about building my idea of the perfect wardrobe cannot be rushed. It requires as much thought as  doing it.

Now that my little ones and I are pretty much settled into a routine, hopefully I can go back to tackling those topics again. Just the right timing too when my friend Gretch U. came over to visit us at home and we started talking about the blogs that appeal to her now - which are more about personal style than "Look at me I am so cute in this outfit" sort of blogs. I guess it has come with age, the change in our lifestyle as moms, and well, maturity I suppose that our interests have shifted.

I guess I am rambling at this point. What I am driving at is, while I will still continue writing about products or stores that I like, or that I think you will like, I will also be writing more about personal style. It feels like an achievement to be able to say, I am done shopping.

Now enough about me, let's work on building your perfect wardrobe too!


Tracy said...

Sometimes I wish I could have the perfect wardrobe, even the perfect (handful of) uniform(s), so that at least one part of my life is under control, but I think at my age, I should explore and make mistakes and roll with it. But I will eagerly follow your posts and look forward to the time when my life and wardrobe are just right.

Mom-Friday said...

Ah, it's comes with age. I like the sound of that, hahahaha... But it's true. My wardrobe also consists of very few basic pieces and I've owned some of them even before the kids were born!
Looking forward to your "stlye" posts. :)))

Joanne said...

Love it. I've had glimpses of your personal style in this blog and I look forward to more of that. I agree that loving (and looking good in) each piece that you have is the key to paring down your closet. Now If only I can do that for myself! I hope you can provide expert guidelines on that :) thanks much and cheers to a simpler, perfect wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

love love your blog, and i am so keen in working on my wardrobe although i am the type who wears jeans, t-shirt/polo and converse type of gal :D cant get rid of my tomboyish side.

Unknown said...

wow! that is awesome! I want to be able to do that too! nothing too trendy but classic pieces that will last several years. ;) a well curated closet is the goal! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi christine! When you say "2 decent-sized cabinets/half a shoe cabinet" -- how much do you guesstimate owning different types of clothing/footwear. Just asking out of curiosity. I'm trying to work in my head a healthy rotation of items depending on quantity per type :-) i'm also trying to edit my closet but i haven't gotten the "quantity/type" part :-s perhaps, i'll pattern it after you? We seem to have the same kinds of clothes, haha! :)

via said...

congratulations!! been hoping to do this as well, but with the recent weight increase (which comes with age and an exercise moratorium due to a bad back), this goal is nowhere near in sight. but i'm happy to hear this stage of 'clothing nirvana' can actually be reached! :)

Frances said...

This is my goal, too! After 2 pregnancies, 80% of my wardrobe just doesn't work. I'm at my pre-preggy weight again (yey me!) BUT the pre-kids clothes just aren't working with my mommy lifestyle. Miniskirts? Minidresses? Skin-tight denims? 6-inche heels? Wow, I just rattled off slutty fashion LOL

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