Wednesday, October 03, 2012

ColorWash: Now in The Philippines!

If you've been unable to use your favorite bags and shoes (yes, even athletic shoes) because they've been, well, loved too much, then ColorWash is the place to take them to.

I first stumbled upon ColorWash in Singapore, at Mandarin Gallery, and was impressed seeing all these nylon Prada bags they've cleaned on display, looking good as new. So I bookmarked the store in my head, just in case I had bags that needed to be revived and resuscitated.

Thankfully, now that we've moved back to Manila, I don't need to go back to Singapore to have that done. ColorWash was brought here by sisters Kate & Jen Osmena and they opened recently at the 2nd floor of Serendra (right on top of Mamou), after having spent some time in Singapore being professionally trained to clean and color designer bags and shoes. 

I attended the media launch a few days ago, and Gemma Gil, the founder and managing director of ColorWash, was there to personally talk about her company and their services.

She was also there to personally give consultations on what steps were needed to be done to give our bags and shoes a new lease on life. Daryl Chang of Preview, my cousin Mano's girlfriend, brought along some bags for cleaning and we were super impressed to see with our very own eyes how ColorWash managed to clean her precious bags.

Gemma explaining to Daryl what needs to be done to her Celine Luggage tote

Gemma did a demo on Daryl's Balenciaga Twiggy, cleaning a portion of the bag so we could see the difference. Notice the leather on the left side and how much brighter it looks?

White and cream bags can easily turn to gray with use, and Gemma cleaned a portion of Daryl's vinyl Gucci envelope bag so we could see how dirty it has become. She also pointed out some yellow stains that were a result of color transfer from the leather straps. This usually happens when you store a bag for too long and the straps have been rubbing into the bag.

Impressive huh? We can't wait to see the finished products! ColorWash's cleaning service not only removes the dirt, bacteria, fungus and oil accumulated through daily use and from humid weather, it also includes a disinfecting and deodorizing process to reduce unpleasant odors in bags and shoes. 

Here are more samples of bags they have cleaned, it is quite easy to spot the before and after:

Apart from cleaning, they also do coloring services - to refresh the look of discolored, scratched, and stained leather bags and shoes.

ColorWash also sells cleaning products, so you can continue to care for your bags and shoes at home.

Now, for the service guide and price list, because I know you want to know ;)

ColorWash started in 2003 in Singapore as a shoe care service provider, then called Shoe Wash and Care, offering professional shoe cleaning services. ColorWash has grown beyond Singapore to become a successful international franchise, with outlets also in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and now the Philippines.

2C-17 Level 2 Serendra
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila
Tel: +632 625 2165

For more on ColorWash:

Visit their Facebook page: or email


KatDyFinds said...

Ang galing nito! Do they only accept designer bags?

cd_mfo said...

They clean all kinds of bags and shoes! :)

Jackie Go said...

I'll drop by there next week to have my bags cleaned. Excited for the results! :)

Luxurium said...

I am just so HAPPY! ♥
Nuf said. :)

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