Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MFO's Verdict On: ioECO Monotheme Artichoke Shower Gel

The Product: ioECO Monotheme Artichoke Shower Gel

The Promise: ioECO Monotheme is an innovative line characterized by active ingredients that are  more than 98% vegetable in origin. It is the result of an in-depth scientific research  that has produced a complete line of body care products that are naturally based and respectful of nature due to the low impact level on the environment of their production cycle.

- No Parabens
- No Artificial colourings
- No petroleum derivatives
- Dermatologically tested

Put to the Test: First thing I noticed about the ioECO Artichoke shower gel (for oily skin) is that it leaves a silky feel to the touch. After you towel off, skin definitely feels moisturized. While it does not smell as good as most shower gels, it has a pleasant scent that my husband likes. I guess that's the trade off given that the product is said to be 98% made from vegetables - yes, NO fruits or flowers. Tell me, is there a vegetable that smells good? Oh my gulay! If you don't like harsh or strong scents, this is the product for you.

A huge plus, given that I have sensitive skin is that I never had a reaction with this product. I use this in conjunction with a hypoallergenic shampoo and I do like the fact that I've never had bouts with zits on my back at all (I am prone to getting zits on my back when I use products not compatible to my skin).

Passing the Verdict: While there are many shower gels out there, there are limited choices when it comes to products that are made solely from vegetable ingredients and do not contain parabens, SLES/SLS and artificial colourings. If you are extra picky with the products you use and are on the lookout for something that is more natural than most, this is a safe bet.

Practical Tip: The ioECO Monotheme line comes in three vegetable variants

- Carrot: ideal for dry skin and hair, with nourishing vitamins

- Cucumber: ideal for sensitive skin, purifying and refreshing

- Artichoke: ideal for oily skin and hair, purifying and antioxidant action.

Because the line is natural and vegetable based, I would think these products are especially great not only for those who are into the green/eco-chic movement but also for pregnant women who want to take extra care in minimizing their exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Price: Prices range from Php325 for the Cucumber facial cleansing gel to Php395 for the full range of shampoos and shower gels. The most expensive product tops at Php445 for the Cucumber body lotion.

Point of Sale: Rustan's Beauty Source

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