Sunday, October 21, 2012

Parenting and Timing the Teaching Moment

In case this is your first time here in the blog, frequent readers, especially you mommies, would know about New Beginnings, the "mommy support group" I am a part of.

Here I am 5 weeks after giving birth, I just had to attend the 2nd parenting talk because of the valuable lessons I learn from Coach Pia and my fellow moms. Photo by Lawrence del Mundo

I just wanted to share with you a blog post I did for New Beginnings on Timing the Teaching Moment aka when is the best time to teach your kid a life lesson.

The insights I learned are life changing. I do remember exactly when and how my mom taught me tips or gave me advice that I still adhere to up to today. There really is a right time to have that "talk" with our kids, and I am sharing with you when, HERE.

Read and feel free to pass on to other parents you know! =)

PS - New Beginnings and Friso Mum is having a Belly Buddies Promotion, where you get to earn gifts from Mothercare, Rustan's and Mustela. Click HERE to find out more.

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