Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Princess Pink Says...

My loyal subjects, in this Kingdom, I declare every day to be "Pink Day"

There are no excuses! Even our snacks have to be pink!

Our shoes have to be pink!

And all outfits must have a touch of pink! Bow!
Ribbon headband from SpinkieRoyal Highness t-shirt from Agoo, Gunzip pants from Fiddle Tops (all from Tita Rone Guerrero and available at her shop - Mothering Earthlings), Gingersnaps oxfords from Auntie Kristine Dee

Little girls talaga! Most of my mommy friends have daughters who are about the same age as Berry if not a little bit older or younger. They all seem to agree that their daughters never get tired of pink. Everything has to be pink. What is it about pink that just appeals to little girls? Slate.com has THE ANSWER

To my fellow parents with pink-obsessed girls, the good news is, this is just a toddler phase and one they will eventually outgrow. And if it takes them a while to outgrow? Fortunately, according to the article is, "The more secure a child’s sense of self, the more likely she is to stick to one favorite color for a while."

If that's the case, then, bring on the pink!


Dr. Kelly said...

My gosh, Berry's love for pink seems to be rubbing off on me! :) I just think it's such a positive color, and it suits any age :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Awwww what a cute little girl. Must be fun dressing her up.
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Jackie Go said...

Gabbie's not really fond of pink before but now that she's more exposed to the idea of princesses and all things pretty, she now likes pink too!

Kristine Dee said...

Wow super cute Berry. Poses like a pro!

cd_mfo said...

I agree Dr. Kelly! We can never outgrow pink! =)

Yes, most def Girlie Blogger! Such fun!

Yay for Gabbie! Haha!

Thanks Kristine! See you soon!

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