Thursday, November 08, 2012


So apparently, we now can visit each other's Instagram web profiles (if you are on Instagram too that is). Which is quite brilliant in the sense that you get a feel of what a person posts on her Instagram, a snapshot/collage of a person's life if you may - enough to maybe make a decision if you'd want to follow that person or not. 

Judging from my Instagram web profile, it looks to be a healthy mix of the kiddos looking cute, home stuff, my so-good-it-must-be-shared-finds, thoughtful presents from friends and brands that come our way, and maybe what seems to be a vanity shot here or there (although I promise you, I was highlighting my oversized sunnies, swear). Oh, and outfit photos too of course!

If I haven't been posting as much here in the blog, you will definitely see me over at Instagram. I've turned into some sort of Instagram addict, posting an average of maybe 8-10 photos a day, yikes! Is that a bad thing? Sometimes I just want to document the cuteness or coolness I come across, that are just begging to be shared. And I guess it's just so much more interactive in the sense that you really see the "camaraderie". The likes, comments, and instant reactions. So fun!

I loved The Man Repeller's post on "Quitting Instagram". I have to admit I find myself more and more into the "snappy, quick-and-easy-to-consume inspiration". Maybe my attention has shortened to such extent. But then with articles and blog posts to write, consultancy work to do, paperwork for the business, taking care of the family, managing a household and a host of other things I should be doing but have forgotten at this point, it just makes Instagram and Twitter so much more appealing. Inspiration and chismis all in easy, bite-size pieces.

Anyhoo, enough of these musings. I know you are busy too!

When you are not here in the blog, see you on Instagram and Twitter! I am @cd_mfo ;)

UPDATE: I am @cd_mfo on Twitter and @christinedychiao on Instagram.

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