Friday, November 23, 2012

Lifestrength: Health meets Fashion

This is me wearing a Lifestrength band, taken back in September. Jon Aquino of Lifestrength Philippines sent me two bands to try out and so I road tested this pink one for a couple of months, just to see what this balance bracelet is all about. The other Lifestrength band, I gave to my friend Miriam who just had surgery. I thought it was the thing she needed to help feel better after her operation.

Prior to using Lifestrength, I never really used any of these ionic types of bands. I do remember my sister Nicole experimented on Berry with a Power Balance band. Berry was just 11 months old then and learning to walk - she could only walk 10 steps max. Nic said, "If this is real, then let's see if Berry can walk more steps without falling." Berry walked 16 steps. 6 more than her usual. Coincidence? I really don't know.

What I know is, when I looked at the Lifestrength bands, I liked the look of it. I got the pink and white ones and they were pretty, the way a sports/health bracelet could look pretty. Sleek and understated. Not too masculine. It could party with my other bracelets without looking too ubiquitous.

The promised benefits weren't too bad either:
  • Boost Defenses – Helps you live healthier
  • Wakeup Refreshed – Sleep better at night 
  • Feel Better – Reduce inflammation that can cause pain 
  • Energy – Recover quickly and last longer during exercise 
  • Reduce Stress – Help calm and relax the body

With a 2 month old baby at the time who kept me up at night, I was willing to try anything.

The anions/negative ions in Lifestrength bands are key because these days, we are exposed to positive ions from computers, cellular telephones and the electronics within cars. Coupled with exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins, people tend to get stressed and get sick easily. Hence, NEGATIVE IONS/ANIONS = GOOD. POSTIVE IONS = BAD. Are you still with me? Hehe!

Anyhoo, to cut to the end of the story, I did feel a difference wearing my Lifestrength band. I can't say if it helps with stress, but definitely, I sleep a lot better and I don't get tired so easily. My friend Miriam, who wore hers after her surgery, said she also slept better and the pain on her leg was considerably lessened when she started wearing Lifestrength.

I don't know if we both experienced a placebo effect, but we generally both liked and believed in wearing our Lifestrength bands. A band is Php1,250 each, and if that's the price to pay for getting a good night's sleep at least, hey, why not!

For more on Lifestrength Philippines, visit their Facebook page, HERE.

LifeStrength products are available at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street and exclusively distributed in the Philippines by The Reliability Wellness Company. For inquiries, contact Jon Aquino at +63917 8548383 or email

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