Monday, November 19, 2012

Stache Baby Onesies + Super Xavi

photo via Funky Time

Mustache parties are such a hit these days that the sight of a thick curly mustache can instantly get people giddy. If you just pop by Pinterest, there are so many ideas, it makes you want to throw a party, for no reason, except maybe to just join in on the mustache fun. Now imagine a mustache on your baby's onesie?

Never mind that the little one's a girl?
These onesies are from Stache Baby and are quite funny no? They also have superhero onesies...

And a onesie that looks quite debonair!
Baby girls get to join in on the fun too!

And still, there are plenty of styles to choose from! See?

Last I checked the Stache Baby Facebook page, they just came out with Gangnam Style onesies! Roxy Barrios of Stache Baby sent me this superhero onesie for Xavi, especially made for him.

It was so adorbs, Dada wanted him to wear it even if it was a bit too big. Cute no?

Stache Baby Onesies are available for order via their Facebook page and also via at Php350 a piece. Quite a nifty gift idea if you ask me!

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