Friday, December 07, 2012

Green Sproutlets Sale!

Have you ever felt what bamboo fabric feels like? They're surprisingly soft, and cool on the skin! Just check out US-based brand Green Sproutlets, a line of kid's clothes made from eco-friendly materials.  I mean, if only they could make blankets for adults, I would totally wrap myself with it and stay in bed all day.

That's why we love Berry's shirt and bottom from Green Sproutlets and I like using their bibs and burp cloths on Xavi, because it doesn't feel scratchy at all. Perfect for kids' delicate skin. Actually, here's a tip, get the bib and burp cloth sets plus the baby blankets by the dozen, and that's what you give for baby showers, christenings and Christmas. The parents, well most likely the moms, will be thankful for your present! 

Why get a dozen? Because all Green Sproutlets items are ON SALE at Mothering Earthlings until December 31, 2012! Stock up na!

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