Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The 12 Yosi Samras of Christmas: Part 4

They say birds of the same feather flock together, so meet my gorgeous friends Nina and Aileen. Heehee. Seriously though, these girls have been my bestest friends since we were in our early teens. We’ve known each other way back when we were stick thin kids who hadn’t sprouted boobs yet. We saw each other go through life with ugly braces on our teeth and zits on our faces. Nina and Aileen have bloomed into motherhood and are blessed with equally gorgeous little ones today. As first time moms, they need stylish, reliable flats in their mommy arsenal. Just the pair to wear when caring for their wee ones.

Day 7: Two Tone in White

Nina is a devoted mom to her 7-month old Stella. So much so that she bring her baby girl along everywhere, so she can breastfeed her directly. That sounds easy, but her work as a news reporter takes her all over the city, and even to far-flung provinces. Like any super mom, Nina juggles work and motherhood with so much ease. In most scenarios, fashion and dressing up is the least of a mom’s concerns but Nina has always been stylish in her own classic, elegant way. A pair of Yosi Samras in two tone black and white is just the pair to add to her closet. It’s got loads of comfort and style, and can be worn with practically anything. So she can just throw on a dress, or a top and trousers and instantly look good, without having to worry about her shoes matching. This way, she can focus on the task at hand, while taking care of Stella. 

I have a similar pair as Nina’s, but in two tone nude. These flats surprisingly go with a lot of things in my closet and are super comfortable. 

Day 8: Stud Cap Toe in Black/Bronze 

Aileen is blessed with fraternal twins - two boys who are quite a handful, but are thankfully too cute that she doesn’t mind spending time with them 24/7. Her boys recently turned a year old two months ago, which means she will be running after two boisterous boys in no time. I’ve picked out these studded cap toe Yosi Samras for Aileen, because I foresee she will be living in these comfy, buttery soft flats till the next year or so. Forget all your other shoes, these flats are a new mom’s best friends. 

This style looks edgy and tough, but the leather is the exact opposite. So buttery soft and molds to the shape of your feet. The elastic sides guarantee a secure fit, and don’t dig into the back of heel. So comfortable you can sprint in these babies. 

8 girls and their gifts done, 4 more to go!


Lala said...

OMG!!! these are cute! cant believe i just heard about this shoes. adding this on my wish list
thanks for sharing


xo lala

Jackie Go said...

I am so buying myself a pair! I'm torn between the black-white Chanel-ish or those studded ones! Hahahay I thinkI might fall in love with YS. If I do, patay na! Heehee

ANN said...

Love the ballet shoes seems comfy and trendy.

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