Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 12 Yosi Samras of Christmas: Part 5

Sometimes, when you read a person’s blog, you instantly feel like you know her, and that if she knew you, you would be friends. That’s exactly what happened to Kris, Karrots and myself. We started off reading each other’s blogs and today, I meet up and hang out with them like we’ve been friends forever. They are not just my online buddies, but fellow moms of two who are also accomplished women that I respect and admire. With such busy lives online and offline, they deserve nothing less than Yosi Samras. 

Day 9: Metallic Bronze

Kris owns a boutique marketing agency with her friend and partner Jenny Reyes. Her days consist of client meetings, photo shoots, organizing brand activities and such. But she is better known to her online followers as OC Mom in Manila - a blog where she chronicles her OC tendencies. I fondly call her Donya Aquasana because she brought in Aquasana water purifiers to the Philippines. At home, she is wife and partner to her husband Jake and mom to two precocious little girls. Obviously, she’s got her hands full with work and the demands of her daily life. As a friend, I see that it is in her best interest that she wear comfortable flats that can do double duty for busy work days and family activities. Being OC about everything, I am pretty sure the comfort, fit and structure of metallic bronze Yosi Samras will pass her scrutiny.

The Metallic Series comes in gold, rose gold and silver too. 

Day 10: Quilted Pewter

Karrots is always fun to be with because we can talk about anything and everything. She is kengkoy and kalog yet kool and klazz. She is such a natural talker that she has taken her talkativeness to a whole new level – she hosts a podcast entitled Live Love Lolz where she and her guests talk about well, their lives and what they love, with lots of laughter thrown in. She is also a wife to her long time buddy Bryan, and mom to their two boys Santino and Luca. Her days are filled with donya duties (her glammed up term for household errands/chores) and driving her young boys to and/or from school. Like any busy mom, comfort is key but losyang should never be in our dictionary. Yosi Samras in quilted pewter provides just the right dose of glamour that Karrots’ brand of motherhood needs.

 The quilted detail makes this pair extra pretty. The vamp is not too long, nor too short – so if you don’t like toe cleavage, this is the perfect pair to wear. 

10 girls and their gifts done, 2 more to go!


Karrots said...

Gusto kong mag comment!!!

Dear MFO,

This truly is a wonderful gift... the gift of comfort!! Thank you for my first pair of Yosi (Balasi!) Samras. I am eyeing several more. You truly are a B.I. LOLz!

I am honored to be one of the 12. Thank you!!

Tita K

Jackie Go said...

Awww I feel your friendship with Tita K & Kris. No doubt they're easy to get along with. Yes, let's field trip to the mall for YS. BI talaga tong si MFO! but good BI (ansaveeeh?!) lovely lunch today! :)

Unknown said...

your yosi samra posts are driving me crazy ---- yosi samra on my mind! hahahaa.
tama si jackie - BI. ;) thanks for the wonderful pics!

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