Saturday, January 05, 2013

OUT with trends, IN with Personal Style

From Parisian Chic, Weekly Planner 2013

Ahhh, the first post of the year! It took me several days before I could gather the energy to write, grabe. Who else here is still on vacation mode? I know I am!

To make up for dragging my feet, or rather my fingers before finally blogging, here's a great tip to start the year with - DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. Make this your resolution, maybe? 

After all, this AP article which I read on The Philippine Star poses the question:

The gist of the article of course is, yes. The focus on fashion is on personal style, and instead of skirt lengths and such, the trend is on value - where "quality, heritage and integrity are factors". I suggest you go and click on the link above and read!

Here's to a Happy and Stylish 2013, dear readers!

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Felyn said...

I think it's best to have your own fashion trend, don't you think?

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