Friday, January 25, 2013

Sebago Docksides in The Philippines

Boat shoes are a staple in my shoe closet. I like wearing them, especially during rainy days because apart from being classics, they're comfy and I am not too worried about them getting wet. So, when Sarah Esguerra of Sebago invited me to check out Sebago here in the Philippines, I was like, "Sure! Of course!"

I went to the store in Rockwell Power Plant, at the Archeology area, where Happy Lemon is, and while it was a cute, tiny shop, much different from their other mall stores, I was amazed at the selection - there's a lot to choose from! Love the unique color ways of their Docksides!

Here are the Docksides I spotted for guys:
Docksides Royal Blue with the eye catching orange laces

Two-tone and three-tone Docksides

If I were a guy, I'd go for these!

There's quite a selection for us girls too:

Cute no? If you especially want your Docksides to stand out, then go and customize your laces with your color of choice (for an additional Php400). Go tone on tone or choose an unexpected color and run away with it!

More than just preppy color combinations and a rainbow of shoe laces to choose from, the must check outs are the Sebago collabs. Currently on board are NYC artists Stash and Ronnie Fieg.

Speckled sole on the Waterbury Docksides by street culture/grafitti artist Stash

Boots by Ronnie Fieg x Sebago

Meanwhile, here's a collab that is getting quite a number of folks excited: Linkin Park x Sebago. Only 100 pairs will be sold here in Manila, available by January 30.

Combat boots from Linkin Parx x Sebago. Perfect for the moshpit.

Oh, while this is not a collab, the Spinnaker Patriot UK was especially designed to commemorate the London Olympics. Cool Britannia.

If you think us girls are getting the short end of the stick with all the guy styles, here are the latest colors for girls, in stores now. So pastel pretty and perfect for summer!

Not to say I they're only meant for the summer, because these will perk up any day, especially rainy days!

For the full list of Sebago Stores, click HERE.


Jackie Go said...

I'm planning to get the royal blue w/ orange lace for the hubby and I want a red one for myself. Wachutink? :) P.S. is it better than it's competitor the other S boat shoes? :)

cd_mfo said...

I love that they have a variety of colors! The two tone ones are so cute! But I have yet to actually wear them, so I don't know how comfortable these are heehee!

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