Monday, March 04, 2013

Fly Shades for Summer

The kiddos started their swimming lessons today. Which simply means, SUMMER IS HERE! Well, officially for me anyway. Because swimming and summer, they go hand in hand. Ok fine, technically with our weather, we really can swim the whole year round. But you know what I mean?

You know what else reminds me of summer, but is also a year round thing? Sunnies. I love love love sunnies. But what I hate is losing them. So annoying. Especially if you spent a fortune on a pair. Not that I lost one already, but the feeling when I thought I lost one. OMG. Feels like losing an arm. Exagg. I know.

When Fly Shades sent me their latest collection of sunnies, all with 400 UV ray protection, I realized this is the solution for when you're the type to lose sunnies. They're stylish, right on trend, and best of all, only costs anywhere from Php340 to Php390 per pair. So in case you lose a pair, ok lang! You can even afford to get a back-up pair or two.

Here's my favorite from the collection. The platito sunnies. Round and proud.

Here's favorite #2. Very Prada.

The aviators from Fly Shades are pretty cool too. I remember my brother lost my dad's Randolph Engineering aviator sunnies while we were in Palawan and I wanted to strangle him. It was the kind of sunnies everybody in the family borrowed and loved.

Randolph Engineering aviators above ($199) vs Fly Shades aviators (Php350). Which would you go for?

I know what I am giving my brother this summer. 3 pairs of Fly Shades.

Fly Shades are available at most SM and Robinsons Malls. For the full list of stores, click HERE.

For updates and such, Like Fly Shades on Facebook.


Thessa Sandoval said...

I love sunnies too! and am also a fan of Fly Shades. when I was still a student, and didn't have money yet to buy myself expensive sunnies, I always buy Fly Shades and everyone thinks ang sosyal ng mga shades ko. ;)

eypolapol said...

My sister gave me a pair from this brand. It's very durable. It's been years and the color and look is still the same.

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