Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ina Garten's Kitchen

I was chatting with Kat aka Don't Ask Me to Smile over on Twitter, on the subject of Ina Garten's glass jars and it reminded me of how much I love Ina Garten's kitchen. 

One day, when we build our dream house, I am going to have a kitchen just like hers. Exposed cupboards, wood & steel stools, huge lamps on each side atop a granite counter top for the 18 foot long island...

-- that faces the casual dining room directly. This is most definitely a place for preparing and enjoying meals with family and friends.

I love the idea of this part of the house set up for entertaining. I can imagine our kids and their playmates hanging out here. Our friends coming over for lunch or tea. Weekend buffets with the entire family, up to the 4th level of consanguinity. Ahahaha.

No, seriously. I like you, you're welcome. That's how we rule.


A Loopy Life said...

Ah, the color scheme of my dream kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tin! Wow, special mention ako! :) I. LOVE. INA. I love her life, her house, her fabulous gay friends and especially THIS. I have photos of this all over my Pinterest board. Haha. This is actually Donya Ina's BARN. So this is actually her 2nd kitchen na. And yes, it is gorgeous and wonderful and drool-worthy. I've always joked that I wanted to be adopted by Ina and her husband Jeffrey. But after I saw this barn, hindi na siya joke. I really, really want to be adopted by them so that I can inherit this. Hahaha!

toni said...

DREAM KITCHEN! Gaganahan ka talaga magluto all day everyday. Or at least make meals more enjoyable!

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