Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Art of Wardrobe Building: The Evolution of Style

Your eye changes so much. My style evolves. Things get pushed to the back of the closet and then they come back again. I had a child. I’m older. I can’t do the things I did when I was younger. So I find ways to make my style more in line with who I am today. It evolves all the time. 
- Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons? She knows her style. But she plays around with it. It's tomboy minimalist one day. Tomboy colorful the next.

She looks like she's got it all figured out. And well, she does. Because one thing's for sure, she's comfortable in being who she is at the moment. Because essentially she says, she dresses for the person she is at every stage in her life.

Today feels like a good day to write about personal style again. Because it has been crazy hot, I find myself ditching the jeans and trousers I am known to wear like a uniform. I find myself reaching out for dresses, wearing tunics with shorts. Switching oxfords and leather ballerinas for espadrilles and flat sandals.

I used to hate prints and bright colors, but now, it just feels right. I am not really a dress kind of girl, but the weather's been asking for it. I know, I am resisting it, because I feel it's not my style. But is it really not? Maybe I am at the cusp of a style change. Maybe because I have come to a point wherein my "eye" has changed and what I considered loud and busy has become attractive and appropriate for the weather, for my life right now that is busy running errands, shuttling the kids to their summer activities, squeezing meetings in between, hanging out with friends, etc.

Or maybe this is the after effect of a heat stroke. If you see someone who looks like me wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt, barefoot and toting a tattered straw bag, please go and say hi. That could be me. Ahahaha.

Anyhoo back to our topic. I find that my style depends on the ff factors:

- the weather
- the city where I am at the moment
- whether I am breastfeeding or not (if yes, front buttons are an essential)
- whether the kids are coming with me or not
- whether I'd be walking a lot or just sitting down
- the people I'd be with (if it's the hubby, he'd want me in something more uptown than downtown, and well, we gotta dress up for our man hehee)
- the voice of my mom in my head saying, "Will Audrey Hepburn wear that?" ahahaha

My style hasn't really evolved that much since we moved to the US. I've been doing that French insouciance/downtown NY/with a hint of prep story for over 5 years now. Maybe it really is time for a change. But then again, let's re-visit this topic once this sizzling summer is through.

PS - Ok, tying this theme back to the art of wardrobe building, what happens when you find your style changing? I guess when its a basic, or a piece you absolutely love, keep it. As Jenna says, "things get pushed to the back of the closet, then they come back again." It's always fun to keep a pleasant surprise or two in your closet.

As for you, do you find yourself dressing differently in this weather too?


Jackie Go said...

Tin! You have actually inspired me to write my own take on my own style. Until now I can't figure out, except that I wear whatever I want heehee ooops, considering the factors you mentioned too sans your mom's voice! I shall link to your post when I've come up with mine. heehee. Thanks for inspiring ;)

Anonymous said...

This heat is just something else, no? Every morning when I dress for work, I have to remind myself to dress for my fully-airconditioned office, and not the very short work from house to the garage, from the parking lot to the elevator.

As pretentious as it sounds, I recently went through a sort of "style evolution" as well. To make a long story short, after two years of wearing a uniform for work (I worked at a plant), I went back to a corporate setting. Going through my old office clothes, I realized most of them no longer fit the way I wanted to dress for work. So I had to revamp my work wardrobe, which now consists of skinny cropped pants, pencil skirts, sweaters, cotton and silk tailored shirts and pointy heels and flats.

G_g said...

How timely is this post Tin! I too went thru a fashion semi-overhaul. With age and two rambunctious toddlers, I have put aside my 3 to 5 inch heels for specific "me" events. Daily I have traded them for my Saltwater sandals and ballet flats. Lately I find myself looking at colorful sneakers to add to my shoe uniform. While this may sound totally unheard of, those who have seen me grow up know that I lived in sneaks and substantial sandals before discovering the power of heels. So yes, I guess my style has evolved AND revolved! It takes time to know what fits your body and your lifestyle. I have had my fair share of hits and misses. I have hunted down and bought things that have lost their luster soon as I had them in my hands. The thrill of the chase got to me. Has that happened to you Tin?

I don't think you will rid of your true French/NYC downtown/preppy look. My guess is that you will make some twists here and there, but you will always be you. =)

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