Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's Up, Ankle Strap

I am totally in love with this look!  

The first time I went out with Dada, I wore a pair of ankle strap heels from Kenneth Cole. I still have it. Berry specifically asked me if she could have my "high heels". I tell Berry to take care of it because that's what I wore when I first met Dada. I should take a photo para you can see. It's still nice up to now. 

Good thing I kept it. It's so hot this season! As in smokin'! There's an ankle strap for everyone, from Lola, to Tita, to y tu Mama tambien! Check these out yo! All from net-a-porter:

Gucci - for your sister, because she's tired of all those predictable neutral heeled sandals

Chloe- for Sofia Coppola, because I can totally see her in these

Alexander Wang - for your high school best friend who has a weakness for "look at me" shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood - for you, yes, for you!

Marni - Lola will love these because of the chunkier than usual heel

Saint Laurent - for your disco loving Tita

RED Valentino - for your girly tween who now wears the same size of shoes as you

Givenchy - for your chic cousin who is always impeccably dressed

Esteban Cortazar - for your neighbor whose style icon is J. Lo

Givenchy - for your understated but always glamorous Mom
Pierre Hardy - for your artsy best friend who hates that you hate color


Unknown said...

Nice choices, Tin. I love ankle strapped high heels too, especially since they make your ankles feel more stable despite the angle and height.

The only issue I have with them is that they make your ankles look thicker, especially if your legs aren't very slender. It sort of cuts the illusion of longer leg.

hes said...

That Givenchy pair is seriously right up my alley!

kikaysikat said...

Got me inspired to wear ankle strapped heels! or perhaps buy new pairS!!!!!

Jae (Pinay Homeschooler) said...

I've seen lots of these at Zara's too. Have to remind myself to get one before Summer.

Meikah said...

I love the look, too! And so this is the new shoe trend?

Anonymous said...

Hoardings fleeece!!

Tita K

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