Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Xavi the SM Baby + SM Babies Special Moments

Yes! That's our very own Xavi in the photo above for SM Babies! Please indulge this proud and beaming stage mom haha.

Ok background story:

Karrots: ARC PR asking for your cell num, for an SM Babies photoshoot daw, may I give?
Tin: Sure, hehehe
Karrots: Ahihihi oki!

That afternoon, Jenny Yrasuegi of ARC PR got in touch with me. She asked how old Xavi was, and then invited us to be part of the SM Babies exhibit. She said Pilar Tuason was going to be shooting our photo in her studio, etc. etc. I was kilig of course, and thrilled to bits! 

On the day of the shoot, Xavi and I went to Pilar's studio. As soon as we stepped in, that was the only time I realized, OMG, this is serious stuff. What are we doing here? 

The makeup artist proceeded to put on makeup and then, Lourd Ramos arrived with his hair guys. Lourd had cut my hair before, when I was still pregnant with Xavi, so we were so happy when we saw each other after so long! As soon as we were ready, we changed into our shoot clothes, Xavi in his dapper SM Babies party clothes (outfit 1: khaki vest, long sleeved shirt and trousers, outfit 2: plaid pants with suspenders, long sleeved shirts and the cutest bow tie) and me in a lace dress borrowed from the gracious Marta Araneta.

Here's the behind the scenes, it was so fun!!!

Although between you and me, Xavi, who was 4 months old at the time of the shoot, was a little bit of an Il Divo at times. Haha! We had to stop because he wanted milk. He wanted to nap. There were times he refused to smile. Hayayay! We were there from 9 to 2 pm. The moms and kids who went after us were done na! Xavi talaga! But the SM Babies team was so encouraging and so understanding. Thankfully, whole team at the shoot was a joy to work with, even if Xavi was Little Mr. Divo.

While Xavi was napping, I saw their lineup of moms on the wall and I was like, "OMG, how did Xavi and I become part of this?" Hahaha! Here are the rest of the gorgeous moms and their cute babies, as seen during the SM Babies Special Moments launch in Manila Peninsula, last January 28:

Juana & Rosanna

Marta & Tristan

Isabel & Brooke

Maia & Matt

Andi & Elle

Rosanna & Alejandro

Delamar & Cooper

Rose & Manu

Nicole & Jaime

Angela & Helena

Georgia & Katia

Grace & Alessi

Emillie & Emilia

Kalurks diba? Ibang levelz! Society moms, celebrities, models. Thank you SM Babies and ARC for just thinking of having us! It was such a wonderful experience. Something I would enjoy telling Xavi over and over again!

Thanks for this photo Jenny aka @jenyrasuegui :)

Ok, back to my background story: 

Xavi and I stayed at the studio long enough to chat with Leslie of SM Babies, who was so sweet and so savvy with carrying Xavi that he didn't mind being with her.  I asked her about the clothes on the racks - a lot of the pieces reminded me of J.Crew crew cuts, Petit Bateau and Bonpoint. She told me that they really have a great selection for kids now, all at affordable, really good price points, which should be available this month.

We left the shoot tired but excited about Xavi's mowdeling stint, haha. Plus, I was really impressed with the selection at SM Babies now, from christening gowns to sleepwear, from play clothes to party clothes - they've really got it all for us!

For more about SM Babies, like the SM Babies Facebook page.


Unknown said...

congrats Mommy Tin! Xavi is so gwapo naman!! what a nice exposure and experience! :)

Arlene M said...

Nice Tin! :-) Bagay ka dyan. Big frame worthy photos from Pilar Tuason, for sure.

The Soshal Network said...

Ohmy Xavi is sooo cute!!! Smiley baby! :)

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