Sunday, March 31, 2013

Boogie Wipes: 'Snot Your Average Wipe

My friends Miche & Evee brought in Boogie Wipes to the Philippines, and even if they weren't my friends, I just have to stress here that Boogie Wipes is a diaper bag staple. No doubt about it.
These are not only good for taking out boogers, they are great for wiping noses when the kiddos have colds. Usually kids hate it when you have to wipe their nose, because for one, tissues can get scratchy to a point that its irritating. Second, after days of wiping your nose, the nose gets dry, raw and sensitive. It can be torture really.
But you get none of that with Boogie Wipes. In fact, pediatricians recommend Boogie Wipes as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue. The wipes are moistened with natural saline so it's easy to clean crusty boogers and it takes care of runny noses in a snap. It just seems to melt and swipe away both wet and dry mucus that it's no longer a struggle to take them out.

Plus, kids love the grape and fresh scents. Berry wants to keep on using Boogie Wipes even if she doesn't have a booger or colds. She just thinks of ways on how she can get to use them.

Whenever Xavi has colds, I'd use Boogie Wipes to clean his nose, and I am happy to report that even after days of using it, his very young and tender skin remains that way. I swear, a 30 count pack might seem like a splurge at about Php299 a pack, but it is so worth it.
In the Philippines, Boogie Wipes is available at Nurture Nook on Estrella Street in Makati, Toys R Us Greenbelt 5, Glorietta, Boni High St, Trinoma, Shang, Eastwood, Galleria and soon in Rockwell and Magnolia. Boogie Wipes will also be at Babyland stores by May 2013.

For more about Boogie Wipes, check out their Facebook page or email for inquiries or orders.  

Boogie Wipes in the Philippines is exclusively distributed by 3 Busy Bees Merchandising, Inc. 

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A Loopy Life said...

I love these! These are my staple wipes for Harvey, booger or not. :)

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