Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

From time to time they also requested Copenhagen snuff, Havana cigars and jars of petroleum jelly, which Ida massaged onto her face for several hours each day. She was five feet tall and 70 pounds, nearly deaf and stooped like a question mark, but her face still bore clear evidence of its former beauty. “You could see what an extraordinarily pretty woman she once was,” O’Brien noted. “Her complexion, in spite of her age, was as creamy and pink and unwrinkled as any I have ever seen. It was like tinted ivory. Her profile was like a lovely cameo.” She hadn’t had a bath in years. - From

A couple of weeks back, I read this story about a rich recluse who lived at the Herald Square Hotel in Manhattan from 1907 to 1932. She had the most amazing skin. Well ok, the story was really about how she lied about her past, and how she managed to snag this rich guy, and how she ended up with so much money but lived a life shut out from the rest of the world.

But the part of the story that stuck with me was her skin care routine! Because hello, this old lady, Ida Wood didn't take a bath for years and yet her skin "was creamy, pink and tinted ivory". You know why? Because she massaged petroleum jelly on her face for several hours each day. Now, here's proof that the "No Water Skin Routine" really works.

Inspired by Ida, I now religiously use all my serums and creams. I've made it my mission and vision to really moisturize day and night. One time, I used Dr. Perricone's Cold Plasma and when Dada kissed me good night, he retched and said I smelled like fish. Whoops! Wahaha.

Making a conscious effort to moisturize really has made an impact on my skin. Not only does it feel softer, I can actually go out and not wear makeup, not even face powder. But the goal is to have unwrinkled skin well into my old age. So honeys, even with the summer heat, try and look for a non-greasy moisturizer for your face, let's keep the wrinkles at bay!

PS - I believe in you Ida, even if your life was a lie.

PPS - Here's one more proof that French women believe that tap water is the enemy. The Frisky's "The French Woman's Secret to Beautiful Skin".

PPS - Apparently, 33% of French girls between the ages of 15-19 start using anti-wrinkle creams via They Frisky's "How French Women Stay Hot When They're Old".

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Jackie Go said...

Mamamakyaw nako ng petroleum jelly! Ay wait, mainit masyado yun! hihi. Sige na nga bilang dry skin ako at super tamad, I shall follow your advice. Moisturizatoin is the key to younger looking skin! At yes, I can attest to your no-make up skin at ang ganda ngaaaa!

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