Friday, March 22, 2013

Wink Laser & Wax Studio

Liz of Project Vanity invited the SoMoms to Wink Laser & Wax Studio early this month, so we could see for ourselves what it's all about. Wink, by the way, is tucked on the third floor of Bonifacio High Street Central. Right on top of Nolita and Sariwon thereabouts.

Now, I have never gone to any of those waxing salons or laser hair removal places because uhm yeah, like a teenage girl, I am still into shaving in the shower, and Sally Hansen wax strips.

But, the promise of painless and reasonably-priced hair removal did it for me. Because I cannot, for the life of me, imagine spending tens of thousands for tortuous hair removal. I just can't. My best friends, Aileen and Nina have had their leg and armpit hair follicles laser-ed years ago, but I just didn't, couldn't get myself to jump into their bandwagon. Haha. Plus, I have hygiene issues.

So when we walked inside Wink, OMG. So modern and fancy! Not clinical at all. I can imagine getting de-fuzzed here.

And well, OMG. Holly Chang, the girl with the most beautiful skin ever, who also happens to own Wink changed everything for me. She sold me on unlimited laser hair removal. Because for one, there's Paylite ya know. Two, she says, it's painless! Three, the rooms are super duper clean. Clean, yes. Clinical, no. Can we get a collective, "Oooooh!"

Here's the laser room:

Now, here's the wax room:

Holly shares she is very finicky when it comes to cleanliness, so she makes it a point that everything they do at Wink is up to par with her standards. I swear, the place is spic and span. You can eat off the floor.

Liz got us to try the services at Wink, and I went for balbas or rather, upper lip waxing. It was virtually painless. Quick and easy. Wink uses this kind of hard wax developed by Lori Nestore, aka the "Wax Queen", that was pleasantly warm and took out hair efficiently. I also like that my therapist sent me off with a reminders list so I don't irritate my skin after. 

Much as I wanted to try laser, or do something more substantial, I just had my leg and kili-kili hairs shaved because I join my kids in the pool for their swimming classes. So no can do there. But I am sold on lasering my underarm hair. Ingrowns begone!

Holly told us that they use a laser machine, the Alma Soprano Accord, that promises pain-free hair removal. Check out the info-graphic.

Here's how laser hair removal works.

I repeat. It usually takes 6-12 sessions to get 80% of your hair follicles to stop producing hair. So if you're counting in the thousands per session, don't fret. There's always Paylite. Wink, wink.

Wink Laser & Wax Studio
3rd Floor C2 Building
7th Ave for 28th Street
Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel: +63 917 303 9465 or +632 808 7258


Anonymous said...

I might consider waxing at wink. But... I'm not yet sold with the pain less hair removal as I have researched, there has been no positive feedback with the soprano accord as of yet. Most feedbacks you see are from bloggers invited by the owner holly chang.

alzayon said...

I like your pictures. The clinic looks so well kept and I feel the service is just as good. Just a correction though -> balbas is beard, while bigote is moustache. :)

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