Monday, April 29, 2013

A Philips Avent Trusted Mom Tests the New Comfort Breast Pump

There are two major things I learned after having two babies.

One is that no matter how many books and parenting magazines I read, how many mommy friends and experts I speak with, and consultations with our pedia that we go through, I will never know everything. There's always a new product out in the market, a parenting approach I should study, a bug we should watch out for, a safety/security alert to keep in mind, or an activity I should bring my kids too.

Second, there never is time for everything. I long for those long gone days when I could spend time going through each grocery aisle. When I could wander around the mall leisurely. When I could read a book, or even a magazine in one sitting. When I could enjoy my meal, savoring each bite and sipping my drink slowly, instead of wolfing it down and gulping, because I have a baby waiting to be fed, carried or entertained.

It is also this constant desire to learn from others and through my own efforts, in as little time as possible, that has also led me to the best products and practices for my kids that work for my own parenting style and our lifestyle. Since I do not have the luxury of time and an unlimited budget to buy and test various products, I always go for the products with the best reviews. And once I've grown to love products I've tried and tested, I am pretty much an advocate for life.

I suppose that's the reason why I've been chosen to become one of Philips Avent's Trusted Moms. From bottle warmers to drinking cups, feeding spoons and bowls, we've been using Avent ever since Berry was a baby and up to now for Xavi.

One of the perks of being a Philips Avent Trusted Mom is that we get a first look at new product releases. One such sneak peek was at the launch of the Philips Avent New Natural Bottle and Comfort Breast Pumps line.

The Natural Bottle and Comfort Breast Pumps are the latest redesign of products aimed to combine breast and bottle-feeding in a way that is as close to nature as possible. The Natural Bottles have an extra-soft and anti-colic nipple as well as unique comfort petals that make sure the nipple does not collapse during feeding. Plus, these bottles also feature a new ergonomic shape that makes it easy for both mom and baby to hold.

Meanwhile, Comfort Breast Pumps are made to help any mother breastfeed for a longer period of time. It comes in an easy to carry bag too so you can bring your pump along everywhere you go.

Small, compact, quiet and lightweight (see how small they are next to an iPhone), Avent electric breast pumps not only allow total ease and comfort while pumping, they also express a lot more milk in less time.

How comfortable? Well, the breast shield has a shorter, integrated funnel so we can pump without having to lean forward. Sitting up straight is of course more comfortable than having to lean forward, and it is that comfortable position that will allow us to express more milk.

Instead of just hard plastic for the breast flange, it has a massage cushion with soft "petals" that gently compress the boobs to stimulate milk flow. It also has a velvety texture which feels warm on the breasts, further helping us relax while pumping milk.

Another great thing about the breast pump are the covers! No need to worry about exposing milk when you have to stop pumping for a bit. With my old pump, I used to just cover it with cling wrap. At least this one is more solid and sturdy.

Apart from bottles and breast pumps, there are also new no-spill drinking cups out. I can't wait for Xavi to test his to see how different this one is from Berry's Avent drinking cups.

The Natural Line will be available in stores by the mid-May 2013. To inquire about prices and product availability, call 7139435 to 38 loc 134 or 143 and look for Rechella or Angela. To view the products or buy ahead, then visit the Philips Avent showroom at:

LJS Corporate Center
550 Magistrado Abad Santos St.
Bacood Sta. Mesa, Manila 

For the latest updates, like Philips Avent Philippines on Facebook.

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