Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BYS Cosmetics Now in The Philippines!

BYS stands for "Be Yourself", a cosmetics brand that was established in Australia in 2004. 

Designed for girls first experimenting with makeup as well as women who are looking for exceptional quality cosmetics that are also affordable, BYS offers more than a thousand products and is found in over 30 countries worldwide including the UK, France, South Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East. Japan is its largest market outside of Australia.

That said, when Michelle of My Mom Friday invited us to a make-up workshop hosted by BYS, my fellow moms all got super excited. Guess who also wanted to tag along:

When Karrots, Berry & I got to the venue, we immediately loved the set-up. We had this portable make-up station to use, and I found via Instagram, when I posted this there, that it's available in Divisoria for about Php20,000 a pop. Is that a deal? Or no deal?

When we all got settled into our seats, Angie Goyena of iFace Cosmetics, the local distributor of BYS in The Philippines, warmly welcomed us and told the BYS story.

She  shares that iFace, the Philippine distributor, decided to bring BYS to the Philippines late last year. Currently, BYS is the only color cosmetic brand in the world with the largest range of products and colors. For the eyes alone, BYS has over 100 products/ colors in 12 categories. 

Take for instance, BYS eyeliner pencils do not only come in the usual black and brown, they also come in gold, in neon colors and even with glitter. Even eyeshadows come in neon shades!

They also have the largest range of nail polish with over 400 shades and variants such as Scented, Glow in The Dark, Magnetic, UV Reactive, Chrome, 3D Special Effects, Neon, Matte, Mirrorized, platinum, grafitti, mardigras and more.

BYS is also known for its mineral makeup range. The BYS Minerals Naturale line is formulated with natural ingredients free of chemicals, dyes, preservatives and talc and have passed the US FDA, European Union and Japanese safety standards. So safe that the BYS Minerals Naturale line is ok to use even after skincare and derma procedures like laser, IPL, micro-dermabrasion or a simple facial. 

Another standout from BYS is its line of Baked Cosmetics. The Baked Bronzers and Blushers are made with an innovative formula that keeps oiliness and moisture at bay and hides impurities. Texture is ultra silky and may be used wet for thicker coverage and dry for a more natural, lighter effect. The bronzers give a radiant, luminous glow on one’s face and body while the blushers provide a natural, long-lasting highlight to cheekbones. .

That said, we did get to play with the main makeup line as well as BYS mineral products. The standout for me was the eyebrow pencil and if only I were more adventurous in makeup, I wouldn't think twice about experimenting with BYS colors because not only are the shades fun - like hello, orange eyeliners, they're also affordable!

BYS is currently available in 33 select SM and Watson’s outlets in Metro Manila and a few key cities like Cebu. By the end of 2013, there will be 50 stockists nationwide.

For more on BYS, visit their website, and like them on Facebook

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Mom-Friday said...

I agree, their colors are wild! And the eyebrow sword pencil is really cool!
I'm just starting to experiment with some of the makeup we got, and so far liking their bronzer, lipsticks, and mineral powders.

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