Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jasmine at New World Makati + Unlimited Dimsum for Php660

Yes honey-soy chicken loves, you read that right. We're all in for a mid-day treat via unlimited dimsum for only Php660 at Jasmine, the Cantonese restaurant at the newly renovated New World Makati. But more on that later, background kwento first ;)

When Patty Balquiedra of Non-stop Babble and Nini Icban, Director of Communications of New World Makati, invited the SoMoms to New World Makati, I didn't realize we we're in for not just one, but a couple of pleasant surprises. For one, New World Makati has undergone quite a facelift. The lobby looks so sleek and modern, it's like stepping into a new hotel:

Second, they have great spaces for parties! I love the open kitchen in the area that used to be a restaurant. The name escapes me now, but it has an adjoining function room which is great for an event that fits 100 people.

Third, back to Jasmine. It's a whole New World, a new fantastic point of view. *Get it? Heehee.* It looks a whole lot different from the last time I was there, when it was still Emperor Court. There's a chic, modern chinoiserie vibe to the place, and overall, I find it a great place for a lunch meeting, family gathering or a pig-out date with the hubby or with the girlfriends.

I won't describe each dumpling, puff and bun we had in detail, but just trust me when I say everything is delicious! Enough to warrant repeat visits and tell everyone I know, it's a must go!

A selection of xiao long bao, spinach dumplings and shrimp dumplings

pork & vegetable dumplings

shredded radish puff

pan fried chicken bun

Your Php660 net for unlimited dimsum includes a choice of tea or soda. On weekends, you may opt for your dimsum to go with sparkling wine instead at Php950 per person.

We also got to try dishes that are not part of the unlimited dimsum menu, but are chef specialties that are also worth a try!

bai ling mushrooms, shrimp mousse, white sauce

wok fried beef tenderloin, ginger, green peppercorn, spring onion

cod fish, ginger, leeks

egg white fried rice w/ seafood topped with shredded dried scallops

We capped our excellent meal with mango cream, pearl tapioca and walnut cookies. This dessert alone is worth going back for.

Jasmine at New World Makati is helmed by Chef Wong Kam On (below, right). His dimsum chef is also named Chef Wong, and you know what, these Two Wongs, they make a right ;)

Jasmine is open daily from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch/unlimited dimsum and from 6 pm to 10:30 pm for dinner. For more information and reservations, call 811-6888 ext 3338.

Jasmine at New World Makati
2nd Level
Esperanza St. cor Makati Ave.
Ayala Center Makati City


Grace Goose said...

When I see posts like this, it makes me miss Manila so much more! Imagine, 5-star dim sum dining for P660++? It's the price of a regular lunch only :(

Martina said...

I've tried it! Thanks to you and the other moms' posts and Instagram pics. :) Yummy and super sulit! Thanks for the tip. :)

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