Friday, April 05, 2013

Look It's About Me!

Hardbound personalized books from Look It's About Me for Berry and Xavi

Nope, this is not a vanity post about me, heehee. This post is all about Look It's About Me's personalized books, that are a fantastic gift idea for the little ones!

Back in February, my friend Mimi Syjuco introduced me to her friend Tati Pena. Tati, along with her partner Kimmie Lamata, are behind Look It's About Me, this awesome and novel idea of making our little ones the star of their very own story books!

According to Tati, "These personalized books feature unique details about the child that make him/her the star of their very own story, while promoting bonding opportunities with family members, the love of reading and enhancing the child's self confidence."

She adds, "On top of all of this it is the perfect gift as it is a treasured keepsake for the child. Personalized items are a trend now and we are the first to introduce Personalized Storybooks for children in the Philippines. Our custom made books combine the quality of hardcover picture books with meaningful personalizations."

To see is to believe, so check out what's inside Berry's book, "Berry and The Great Space Race":

A personalized dedication printed right on the title page, how special!

Berry was so thrilled when she saw her name printed multiple times on the characters sign boards

Especially when she saw a planet was named after her!

For Xavi, we decided on a keepsake book to commemorate his first Christmas in 2012. We chose the book Xavi's Magical Christmas Adventure:

There's the personalized dedication on the title page...

Xavi is warmly welcomed to The North Pole

Presents for the whole family, hand packed by Santa's elves

It's like this throughout the books. Gorgeous illustrations, special references to the child, his/her friends and/or family members, and an overall fun story that makes Berry beam whenever I read her book to her. There's nothing more precious than seeing her smile whenever I mention her name, or her friends' names. We'd often stop midway through reading, with her saying, "Pilar? Bryce? My friends?" because she couldn't believe the story was about her. Haha! Cute!

A personalized book is Php1,200 and easily ordered online through the Look It's About Me website:

There are currently five titles to choose from, and you may even browse the inside pages online, so you get a feel of what it's all about:

Once you've decided on the story book, simply click on the book of your choice, and fill in the order form.

Just plug in all the required details online, submit your order, pay and you get your personalized book in the mail just like that!

Instead of going for clothes or toys when a gift giving occasion pops up, I encourage parents, godparents, friends and family members to add something truly precious and memorable to the mix. 

A personalized book from Look It's About Me is more than just a book. It's a gift that reinforces the child's belief that he/she is truly special and like no other. 

For orders & inquiries:

Please include your full name and order number in your inquiry so we can better assist you.
Phone: +6325422268 (9am – 5pm, local time)
Fax: +6328939924

Office Location:
Legaspi Towers 100, 148 Legaspi Street, Unit 3D
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229

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